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A bandit who likes to steal makeup from a well known drug store chain has returned after a six month absence. Chandler police said the “Blue Basket Bandit” attempted a theft Monday at a Walgreens store. Over the past two years, police said the thief has stolen approximately $10,000 worth of cosmetic merchandise from Walgreens stores around Chandler and neighboring cities. The Blue Basket Bandit enters the store, picks up a blue shopping basket and proceeds to the cosmetics section where he removes various cosmetics. He then removes a Walgreens plastic bag from his pocket and transfers the cosmetics from the basket to the bag. The thief then walks out without paying. Police said the Blue Basket Bandit often changes his appearance and will use different vehicles for each theft. ***MARLAR: He’s also said to have an amazingly smooth complexion and gorgeous long eyelashes.

A 31-year-old Indiana man says he had not food but kept himself hydrated with Mountain Dew and snow while he was stuck in his snow-covered SUV in southwestern Colorado for three days. Jason Pede was rescued Sunday morning after his vehicle ran out of gas and he walked seven miles to a road, signaling for help with a flashlight. Pede was driving from Dulce, N.M., to the Colorado resort town of Aspen to deliver an Australian Shepherd rescue dog when he got stuck. Pede, of Chesterton, Ind., says a “local” told him about a shortcut to Aspen and that’s how he became stranded somewhere in the Rio Grande National Forest in snow that went above the hood of his Lincoln Navigator. ***MARLAR: Funniest part of the story – the man got lost while driving a Navigator.

A 22-year-old Dallas college student has set a world record by juggling three tennis balls for more than 12 hours without stopping. David Slick, a student at Dallas Baptist University, juggled the tennis balls for 12 hours, 12 minutes and 12 seconds, besting the previous record of 11 hours and four minutes. ***MARLAR: He said he trained for the feat by juggling his class schedule and social life. Oh, wait a minute, he juggles – he HAS no social life.

A Welsh court has ruled that playing a Cher song so loud that neighbors could understand the lyrics is reason enough to destroy a man’s stereo. Rhondda Magistrates’ Court granted an application for the destruction of the stereo belonging to Karl Wiosna, 44, who allegedly ignored repeated warnings about playing his music too loud. An unidentified neighbor said the music screaming from Wiosna’s house sounded like a “drag queen’s party.” Wiosna isn’t happy about the ruling, which resulted in more than $1,000 worth of equipment being taken away. ***MARLAR: Actually, playing “Turn Back Time” at any volume level should be considered a crime.

The soft drink industry is upset about a study reported in the Archives of Family Medicine which concluded that caffeine is added to colas not for flavor but to get consumers addicted to them. ***MARLAR: They say that caffeine is added to colas strictly to make them taste better, and they plan to stay up around the clock and work like crazy for weeks without a break or sleep to prove their point.

The makers of the popular Bowflex fitness machine are recalling nearly 800,000 units after dozens of people reported injuries from mechanical problems. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the machine’s seat can unexpectedly break on the Ultimate and Power Pro models. There were 46 reports of such incidents. ***MARLAR: This is really serious because those were the only 46 people who actually use the Bowflex for exercising rather than hanging clothes on it.

A movie company in Korea wants to use digital imagery to bring the late Bruce Lee back to the movie screen. ***MARLAR: It’s amazing what they can do with digital technology nowadays. There’s another rumor that, using digital technology, the next Pauly Shore movie may actually have a good script and believable acting. (Kidding… even technology can’t do that!)

McDonald’s has opened its first cyber-restaurant in Tel Aviv with 20 computer terminals so customers can surf the Web while eating their burgers and fries. ***MARLAR: Although you’re probably better off health-wise if you simply chow down on the computer keyboard.

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