Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

A man accidentally shot himself in the leg shortly after leaving a Jupiter gun store. Police said the unidentified man went to Chuck’s Guns and Ammo Monday afternoon, looking for batteries for the laser sight on a small handgun. When the man was back in his car, the gun accidentally fired, hitting him in the leg.  ***MARLAR: The good news is that the laser site worked perfectly – it was pointing right at his leg.

Honda Motor Co. is adding 437,000 vehicles to its 15-month-old global recall for faulty air bags.  ***MARLAR: Until a permanent fix is found, Honda is recommending you add an additional air bag to your vehicle by picking up your mother-in-law.

A teenage burglary suspect is in custody after an elderly Pennsylvania woman boldly went for her gun, then forced him to call police while she kept him in her sights.  Police say 85-year-old Leda (LEE’-dah) Smith heard someone break into her home. She grabbed the .22-caliber revolver she’d been keeping by her bed since a neighbor’s home was burglarized recently. Smith says she just walked right past the teen to the bedroom and got her gun.  After the 17-year-old called 911, Smith kept holding the gun on him until state police arrived at her home, about 45 miles south of Pittsburgh.  The teen will be charged with attempted burglary and related offenses in juvenile court.  Smith says she just hopes the incident stops burglaries in her neighborhood. ***MARLAR: “911 Response, what’s your emergency?”  “I need to report a burglary.”  “Do you know the suspect?”  “Yes, it’s me.”

A three-foot long alligator that had been seen along the Kishwaukee River for weeks has been captured.       DeKalb County Animal Control officers had been trying to catch the reptile near the Northern Illinois University lagoon for more than a week. Animal Control warden Dan Berres told The (DeKalb) Daily Chronicle a local resident captured the alligator with a net.  The alligator will be taken to a wildlife specialist for a health evaluation then be moved to a refuge.  A director at the DeKalb County Health Department says the animal was likely a pet that had been dumped in the river by its owner.  ***MARLAR: It’s suspected that, like most intelligent creatures, the alligator was trying to escape from DeKalb, Illinois.

A Denver-area woman says she opened a can of spinach and found half of a dead grasshopper inside. Donna Labrador had planned to sauté the spinach for dinner to share with her 3-year-old daughter. But she said finding the grasshopper was so disturbing that she wasn’t able to eat dinner – or breakfast the next morning. She called the company that canned the spinach and was promised a mailer to send in the grasshopper for tests. She also wants a refund. In the meantime, Labrador is keeping the insect wrapped up in toilet paper in her refrigerator.  ***MARLAR: That way it won’t spoil in case she wants some later.

The University of Chicago’s Center on Aging studied people who lived to 100 and made a list of their most common traits to help others live a long time. Things that most likely help you live to 100 are – to be trim but not too thin, to have more than four children by age 30, and to be a farmer.  ***MARLAR: And to continue breathing.

A retired British priest has written a book called “The 100-Minute Bible” that teaches you all the “really essential” parts of the Bible in just over an hour and a half.  ***MARLAR: There are non-essential parts of the Bible?  What’s that – the concordance and the maps?

A kindergarten teacher in Toutle, Washington, thought a student smelled of methamphetamine chemicals.  When police went to the boy’s house and confronted the parents, it was soon discovered simply to be the smell of cat urine.  ***MARLAR: The one substance more deadly than methamphetamines.

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