Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

A group of folks who like to stage random and bizarre public events in New York, have struck again to celebrate the anniversary of the invisible-dog leash. And what better way to commemorate a device by having literally hundreds of people take to the streets of New York with invisible dogs? Thousands of people saw the event that still has people talking.  ***MARLAR: Even stranger, everyone refused to clean up the invisible doggie droppings.

In an effort to get more customers to choose dining in over the drive-thru, the country’s No. 2 fast-food chain is revamping the interiors of its 12,000 locations worldwide. Burger King hopes this contemporary, upscale look and feel will appeal to its biggest customers — young men. The design, called “20/20”, has been used in about 60 Burger King locations, and 75 more should be complete by the end of the year. The design is intended to give consumers a more “upscale” experience.  ***MARLAR: Do you really need upscale when you’re woofing down a Whopper?  What do you get – a personally monogrammed wet-nap?

Yes, Michael Vick has gotten his own reality TV show, which he describes as “a story of hope” for kids who may be “dealing with adversity. Vick, who served 18 months in prison for running the notorious dog-fighting ring Bad Newz Kennels, is teaming up with BET for the new eight-part “docu-series,” tentatively titled “The Michael Vick Project.”  ***MARLAR: Because really, who better to have your kids look up to than Michael Vick?

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is asking everyone to get their Swine flu shot!  She says the vaccine is “safe and secure.” Sebelius unconditionally vouched for the safety of the vaccine, saying it “has been made exactly the same way seasonal vaccine has been made, year in and year out.”  ***MARLAR: Which is exactly what we’re afraid of.  Do they not remember the flu shots in the 70’s?

The Spitzer Space Telescope has discovered the biggest but never-before-seen ring around the planet Saturn. The thin array of ice and dust particles lies at the far reaches of the Saturnian system and its orbit is tilted 27 degrees from the planet’s main ring plane.  ***MARLAR: Not to worry though, they feel they can remove those stubborn rings using Wisk.

A pair of newlyweds have purchased their dream house in Hamburg, Germany, but were horrified with what they discovered as they moved in. They found the skeletal remains of a man who had been stuck in the chimney for almost 50 years.  ***MARLAR: Wait… is this a scary Halloween story or an even scarier Christmas story?

A new study shows that more and more Americans are taking laptop computers on vacation with them in order to get ahead on work-related projects.  ***MARLAR: So I make up the difference by goofing off more at work.

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