Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

Scientists have created a pill to treat phobias.  ***MARLAR: It’s effective for all people except those who have a phobia of taking pills.

In Des Moines, Iowa, student Sean McGuire was arrested for allegedly assaulting a Drake University security officer with M&Ms. Police were questioning his friend at a convenience store about a hit and run, when a cop noticed M&Ms falling on the ground around him. He turned around and was hit on the shoulder with an M&M. McGwire claims he was sticking up for his friend. He was charged with assaulting an officer, jailed and released on $1,000 bond.  ***MARLAR: Are you sure that was assault?  That might’ve been a bribe.

A British labor union is demanding new workplace health rules to prevent telemarketers from losing their voices.  ***MARLAR: Wait a second, since when do we want telemarketers to not lose their voices?

A store in Scottsdale, Arizona is offering a camera angled in such a way that women can see what their backsides look like in those jeans.  ***MARLAR: So can you please stop asking the men now?

In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, 87-year-old Violet Bishop was watching television when she thought she’d have a snack. So she decided to dig into the Halloween candy early and picked up a box of Milk Duds. But as she started to munch she noticed one of the Milk Duds didn’t seem as fresh as the others. She said, “One was rather crunchy and I could not get it to soften up, no matter how hard I tried.” She finally took it out of her mouth only to discover it wasn’t a Milk Dud at all. It was her hearing aid that fallen out of her ear and into the box. Fortunately there was no serious damage to the hearing aid or her teeth but it cost her about $250 to have the hearing aid cleaned and repaired. Violet later told reporters, “As much as I love my Halloween candy, I’ll be sure to notice what I’m eating from now on!”  ***MARLAR: Meanwhile, she’s been fitted with a Milk Dud for an ear bud.

We’ve all heard of kids biting in elementary school but this is definitely something new. In Dayton, Ohio, a child at Patterson-Kennedy Elementary School was misbehaving so badly that he finally had to be brought to the assistant principal’s office by teacher Stephen Green. While in the office the boy became violent, started throwing things and had to be restrained by Green. That’s when the kid bit the teacher on the forearm and would not let go! Assistant Principal Jack Johnson had to pry the boy’s mouth open to get him to finally give it up. Green, age 54, went to a hospital to be treated for the bite. The child, whose age and name was not released, was taken to a hospital for a psychological examination.  ***MARLAR: The school immediately was called by Michael Vick asking if the boy was up for adoption.

In Downey, California, college sophomore Moshe Kai Cavalin is cramming for final exams in classes such as advanced mathematics, foreign languages and music. Not that different from any college sophomore except for one thing — Moshe is only 10-years-old!  Moshe’s parents avoid calling their son a genius though. They say he’s just a normal kid who enjoys studying as much as he enjoys playing sports or watching movies. ***MARLAR: I have news for you, Mom and Dad – if your kid enjoys studying, he ain’t normal!

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