Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

A thief in Binghamton, New York, who shoplifted a pair of expensive pants from a store, got caught when he tried to hide in the bathroom of a donut shop.  ***MARLAR: Hiding from police… at a doughnut shop.  Genius.

Redbook says you burn 50 calories by laughing for 10 to 15 minutes.  ***MARLAR: So listening to this show burns, what… TWO calories?

In Brighton, Michigan, Dr. Phil Kazanji had to laugh at his most recent property tax bill. Not only that the bill is only 51-cents, but that the city of Brighton spent $5.21 to send it to him by certified mail — which means they’re $4.70 in the hole. The good doctor said at first thought the amount was a mistake — but he called and no — that is the correct amount. City finance director Dave Gajda says Kazanji paid $158 on a bill for $158.48. The city penalized him 3 cents and sent him the new bill. Kazanji calls the whole thing “the most ridiculous thing a government agency would do.”  He plans to write out a check for 51 cents.   ***MARLAR: Which is just as ridiculous.

Flagler County in Florida has changed its policy so that it’s now completely voluntary for students to pledge allegiance to the flag.  ***MARLAR: They’re also changing the name to FlagLESS County.

A three-year-old boy in Austin, Minnesota, climbed into an arcade’s claw machine to play with the toys inside.  Firefighters were called to get him out.  ***MARLAR: It took them over 300 quarters.

A report says math scores have come up a bit for U.S. 4th and 8th graders.  ***MARLAR: Most kids today spend a lot of time working with big numbers.  Channel 79, channel 80, channel 81…

The Chinese say they will walk on the moon by 2024.  ***MARLAR: They won’t need a spaceship to get there though – they’re just going to stand on each other’s shoulders.

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