Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

A recent survey of more than 7000 Americans shows that seven out of ten people would rather spend six months in Hades (Hell) than spend six months of their lives without television. ***MARLAR: Obviously, someone is not doing a very good job of telling people what Hell is really like! But then again, considering the new fall TV season, there may not be much of a difference.

It sounds like a Halloween story, and we’re skeptical, but they say this one is true.  A University of Florida scientist has grown a living “brain” – a group of 25,000 rat brain neurons – in a glass dish, and they are interacting via computer with an F-22 fighter jet flight simulator. It’s already “learned” how to control the pitch and roll of the jet in conditions ranging from blue skies to hurricane force winds.  ***MARLAR: Be looking for “FrankenRat” to be piloting your flight on Southwest Airlines soon.

A new Travelocity survey says that smelly passengers, coughing passengers and “passengers of size” are amongst the worst people to be sitting next to in the air.  ***MARLAR: Directly after people sitting next to you asking you to take a poll.

Lost car keys?  There’s an app for that. A California company announced this week an iPhone application and car receiver that will enable users to lock, unlock and remotely start their car with the phone rather than the car’s key.  **MARLAR: This is exactly what we need – yet another excuse to use your cell phone when it comes to the car. 
A teenager in Somerset, England, invented a cell phone charger that’s powered by his hamster’s exercise wheel.  ***MARLAR: Yeah, my cell provider suggested I do the same thing.

You’ve heard of cats and dogs that have been left behind by families, just to find their way home, right? Pretty cool stories, but would you believe that a cow could do it?  In Scotland, Polly the Cow found her way home after she was sold at an auction the day before. Her owner sold the cow, but the next day the cow made a break for freedom when her new owners accidentally left the barn door ajar. Polly went half a mile up a railroad track, navigated a crossroads and ran along a busy road before returning to her old farm two miles away. A “homesick” Polly mooing at the gate wakened Graham early one morning. Animal experts say that it’s extremely unusual for a cow to exhibit this type of homing instincts.  ***MARLAR: Talk about a milk run!

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