Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

Doctors have always assumed that both human ears were basically the same. But a UCLA study of babies may change a lot of assumptions about the way the brain works, because it found that the right ear is better at picking up speech-like sounds, while the left ear is better at processing music. ***MARLAR: So one ear is for talking and one is for music…Which ear does rap go into?

A convenience store clerk in Mazomanie, Wisconsin, drove off a robber by threatening to throw a can of beer at him.  ***MARLAR: Which is weird, since the robber was probably trying to rob them in order to buy beer.

An MIT scientist is videotaping 400,000 hours of footage of his son from birth to age 3, to document language development in babies.  ***MARLAR: You gotta feel sorry for this guy’s family, don’t ya?  You just KNOW he’s going to pull out the home movies when this kid has a birthday.

Gerrie Hawes of Fresh Daisy, an organic frozen baby food company, says she’s finally solved the problem of how to get toddlers to eat their greens. She’s invented green pea ice cream.  She also has ice cream and frozen yogurt recipes that include broccoli, carrots, parsnips and cabbage.  ***MARLAR: And if it doesn’t get them to eat their greens, it’s a great way to get them off of ice cream.

Tourists in Amsterdam who want to see some of the expensive diamonds and gems the city is known for will no longer have to visit a museum or a diamond house. The city’s biggest department store now has around $1.5 million worth of jewelry on display in its front window.  ***MARLAR: Wal-Mart has had a clear-glass display for its fine jewelry for years. It’s called a gumball machine.

Pregnant ladies, there’s a superstition just for you! According to a superstition in Iceland, a pregnant woman should never drink from a cracked coffee cup. If she does, her baby will be born with a stutter.  ***MARLAR: Then again, the stutter might be caused by the caffeine.

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