Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

An Austin, Minnesota, man returned from vacation to discover his home had been broken into and his collection of 800 rare comic books was gone.  ***MARLAR: Police are questioning his mother. 

A Florida couple is in the news for getting married in a Wal-Mart where they met. ***MARLAR: When you get such a great markdown on spouses, you gotta jump on it!

A Romanian woman has revealed an entire wardrobe that she has made herself, using her own hair. The woman has made herself a raincoat, blouse, skirt, waistcoat, hat, shawl, handbag and purse. ***MARLAR: She wanted to make a pair of pajamas as well, but you all know what “bed head” looks like.

Federal Transportation officials announced plans for a toll-free number for passengers on planes to call if they’re being hijacked. ***MARLAR: Good thing it’s a toll free number. You wouldn’t want to waste your cell minutes on something as trivial as a hijacking. 

Astronomers say there is a chance that Earth will survive being swallowed by the Sun when it burns out and explodes in five billion years.  ***MARLAR: That’s good, because I opted for the lifetime warranty on my new solar-powered calculator.

Australia’s University of New South Wales found that old people say embarrassing things in public because age makes the brain lose its ability to inhibit what they say.  ***MARLAR: Either that or they’re too old to care anymore.

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