Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

Tragedy struck the Marlborough Sounds of New Zealand when an American tourist died while swimming with dolphins on a Dolphin Watch EcoTours trip with her husband and mother-in-law. The 22-year-old woman was found face down in the water after jumping in the Tory Channel with a group of swimmers. Attempts to revive the woman by emergency crews were unsuccessful. Police and Maritime New Zealand are investigating.  ***MARLAR: Dolphin Watch EcoTours is insisting the woman did not die on porpoise. 

What started as a routine test drive ended up being a marathon trip across the country with a kidnapped car salesman. The 32-year-old suspect went to a Honda dealership in Massachusetts and he and the salesman went on a test drive. But the guy refused to turn back around and the salesman was trapped in the car until he finally escaped when the driver slowed down at a tollbooth near the Massachusetts state line. Police finally caught up with the driver over 1,000 miles away in Wisconsin! He was arrested and charged with speeding, reckless driving kidnapping and operating a motor vehicle without owner consent.  ***MARLAR: After finally being stopped the driver did offer to buy the car – but for a discount because it had so many miles on it.

In Boca Raton, Florida, the head chef and manager of the Pizza Time Restaurant, Mark DeCraepeo, just lost it. Completely lost it. It seems one too many orders for the restaurant’s mozzarella caprese salad pushed him over the edge. When waitress Cathy Vultaggio hung yet another ticket for the popular salad on the rack, DeCraepeo allegedly yelled out, “If I get one more ticket for mozzarella caprese, I swear… I’ll shoot you!” DeCraepeo then allegedly slammed a gun inside a holster on the counter top and reportedly said, “Now you see I’m serious!” The waitress called the police, DeCraepeo was arrested.  ***MARLAR: And there were indeed no more mozzarella caprese salads that day.

In Gossau, Switzerland, police say a 47-year-old Italian man really raised the bar on reckless driving during 11 frantic minutes when he managed to rack up 15 traffic violations! The first was speeding past an unmarked police car. He then began driving dangerously close to other cars on the highway, then ignored three police attempts to pull him over. He then ran a stop sign, sped through a construction zone, and racked up eight more violations before finally being stopped.  ***MARLAR: When interviewed by reporters, Swiss police said they had no idea Billy Joel was vacationing there.

The British Egg Information Service has announced that soon there will be available something they call a “smart egg” to solve the surprisingly contentious issue of when are soft, medium and hard-boiled eggs properly boiled. It seems an invisible ink on the shell turns the egg black at precisely the right moment. Or so they claim.  ***MARLAR: And haven’t we all been clamoring for black eggs?

Scientists are discussing the idea of creating a “space elevator”. It would be a huge cable — one end attached to the earth, and the other end attached to a satellite. Cargo and astronauts would ride up the cable into space, and unbelievably it would be cheaper and safer than rockets.  ***MARLAR: The downside to this plan is that you’re stuck in a tiny box for hours listening to instrumental Led Zeplin tunes.

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