Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

This story would be sad if it wasn’t so funny.  A church in Scotland held a serious discussion on the topic, “Does God believe in atheists?”

The Vietnam News newspaper reports that citizens of Hanoi have killed about 1.7 million mice this year in a government inspired crackdown aimed at controlling the rising numbers of vermin infesting the city.  ***MARLAR: There goes any chance of a Disneyland opening in Hanoi.

After learning that the Bureau of Land Management named a 100-acre timber sale near the headwaters of Oregon’s Fawn and Evans creeks the “Goldie Fawn,” actress Goldie Hawn took offense, with a spokeswoman saying Hawn didn’t want to see “beautiful timber land destroyed in her name.” ***MARLAR: I see – so the woman with the face lifts, hair dye, fake lips, nose job, and skin injections wants us to get back to nature.

According to a study on monkeys at the Oregon National Primate Research Center, staying active may be more of a factor in fending off weight gain for adults than cutting calories.  ***MARLAR: For dramatic weight loss, scientists are now suggesting we jump up and down frantically and play on tire swings.

9-1-1 is closed — “because everyone is at the doughnut shop.” That’s the bogus audio message an Easton, Pennsylvania, firefighter heard when he clicked a link on the city’s Web site. City officials say the file was accidentally left on the site by a former fire chief, who was hired to improve Easton’s Net offerings. The consultant thought the audio links didn’t work and believed he had deleted them. The message has now been taken off-line. But firefighter Terrance Hand, who discovered the bogus doughnut shop message, says the city’s firefighters and police officers deserve an apology.  ***MARLAR: Which they will receive once they return from Krispy Kreme.

We know that drinking and driving is a big problem, but what about eating and driving? A man in New Zealand was stopped by the police for driving erratically along a busy road. It turns out that he was attempting to drive and eat Chinese food. With chopsticks in both hands, he was using his knees to steer the car! This type of behavior might not be so uncommon. A new survey says that 8 out of 10 drivers eat while behind the wheel. I do it every day on my way into work.  ***MARLAR: I heard this on the way into work this morning and almost dropped my bowl of Fruit Loops.

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