Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

A Romanian woman has revealed an entire wardrobe that she has made herself, using her own hair. The woman has made herself a raincoat, blouse, skirt, waistcoat, hat, shawl, handbag and purse. ***MARLAR: She wanted to make a pair of pajamas as well, but nobody likes to wake up with bed head.

If your derriere is large, that could actually be good for your health! The specific type of fat that accumulates around the hips is called subcutaneous fat, which is fat that collects under the skin, and it appears to fight type 2 diabetes, according to researchers from Harvard Medical School in Boston.  ***MARLAR: Well, I’m a lot healthier than I thought I was.  And apparently so is our neighbor-lady.

A British company is marketing a device to attract young people to church: a karaoke machine called the Hymnal Plus that shows the lyrics on a big screen and plays 3,000 hymns, from the traditional to a disco version of “Amazing Grace.” ***MARLAR: And as we all know, people pray more fervently when subjected to pain and torture.

In Cleveland more people are taking the bus to work rather than driving due to the high cost of gasoline.  ***MARLAR: But just to stay in practice, people on the bus still yell out of the windows and call people “road hogs.”

Researchers say little is known about the origin of laughter and what it is that makes people laugh. ***MARLAR: Hey, don’t ask me – after listening to my show you really think I have the answer to that?

19% of meals in America are consumed in vehicles.  ***MARLAR: Which results in 19% of the meal ending up on the floorboard.

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