Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

In November Nicolas Rapp says he will be quitting my job and heading out on one of the last true adventures left on earth: Driving around the world. He’ll  spend about a year on the road, starting and finishing in New York. When he can’t drive, he’ll ship the car by boat, then fly to the next stop to pick it up. The route will be a tough one. He’ll cross Central America, then head down South America to Buenos Aires. From there, he’ll ship the car to South Africa, then drive north through Africa to Europe. He’ll stop in Paris to get some paperwork done, then go east through Eastern Europe, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, and India. He’ll ship the car to Thailand, drive to Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia, and put the car on a final sailing home to the U.S.  ***MARLAR: Some husbands will do anything to get some quiet time away from their wives.

Alice Wang’s has a collection of designs that allow you to share a special night at home with your dog. There’s a set of two plates — one normal plate and one doggy-bowl/plate hybrid — accompanied by a set of wine glasses, one of which is bent at the stem so your dog can drink from it. There’s the little doggie dickey shirt collar so your pooch will be properly attired. And finally, a long pillow lets your dog fall asleep in style.  ***MARLAR: If you can afford to spend that much on a date with your dog, how about you just spring for an eHarmony account?

William Rudd, a 64-year-old retiree from Salem, has collected more than 1,500 prizes including food, gift certificates and other goodies under the state lottery’s “Replay” program, which gives losing lottery tickets a second chance to win. Here’s just a sampling of his haul: four bottles of maple syrup, 20 pizzas, 33 ice cream cones, 86 cinnamon buns, 92 steakhouse gift certificates, 161 chicken sandwiches, and 484 cups of coffee to wash it all down. Oh, yeah. And a one-month fitness club membership.  ***MARLAR: Well, the bible does say “the last will be first.”

A Rockdale, Georgia, man was charged with selling LSD and magic mushrooms hidden inside chocolate bunnies.  ***MARLAR: Like chocolate bunnies aren’t addictive enough.

Not only are teens texting while driving, now they’ll be texting while hungry.  Papa John’s now accepts text-message orders for pizza.  ***MARLAR: How are they NOT going to get the orders wrong?  The orders are going to look like, “id lk 1 pprni pzz wth x chz n 2 rdrs f brdstx.”

Woman’s Day Magazine found 66% of us worry about holiday weight gain.  ***MARLAR: Not me, I don’t worry about it at all – I KNOW I’m going to gain weight.

87% of all e-mail received in The Philippines is spam!  ***MARLAR: Wouldn’t it be great if we could get the amount of spam in our own email down to just 87%?

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