Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

Stores are so worried about slumping sales, many are starting their post-Thanksgiving sales even earlier than usual.  ***MARLAR: That’s why we invented Thanksgiving, so we could spend the whole day standing in line and giving thanks for $14 DVD players.

Ladies, this Thanksgiving you’d better think twice before sending your man to the grocery store Why? Men tend to be overwhelmed by the number of choices.  New research shows that men don’t grocery shop as efficiently as women, and they rarely ask for help if they can’t find something. It may not be their fault though, grocery stores are designed for women and the way women shop. The top three problems men face in a grocery store are 1) They have difficulty finding things.  2) If something that is on the list isn’t available, they aren’t adept at finding a substitute so they come home empty-handed.  3) They hesitate to ask for help.  ***MARLAR: So for the love of all that’s good and to keep peace in the home, please… NEVER ask us to go grocery shopping.  Ever.  Please.

A Pew poll found that only 22% of Americans believe Congressional Democrats have a clear plan for dealing with Iraq.  ***MARLAR: Which is slightly lower than the 24% of Americans who believe in Bigfoot.

It’s estimated that last year over 300,000 people got sick from eating bad Thanksgiving leftovers. ***MARLAR: Which totally ruined their 4th of July picnics.

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