Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

Because food prices are rising, more people are turning to Spam. Hormel says Spam sales are up!  ***MARLAR: Okay, that’s it.  Someone has GOT to do something about the economy.  Really – we’re resorting to eating Spam?!?

A man is suing Delta Air Lines Inc. for nearly $1 million, claiming the company’s incompetent and rude employees made his 80-year-old mother’s birthday trip to South America a stressful, costly horror.  He says not only did he and his family arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina, almost three days late, he had to spend unplanned thousands of dollars on food, hotels and transportation, and buy tickets for another airline. He claims Delta even lost his luggage, so he had to buy all new clothes too.  ***MARLAR: Gee, it’s a good thing they increased fares, dropped the snacks, and started charging more for luggage to increase customer service.

A Japanese jetliner is asking passengers to go to the bathroom before takeoff to help increase efficiency and cut down on pollution. All Nippon Airways has also started using recycled paper cups and switched from glass to paper bottles in an attempt to make every flight just a little bit lighter. They estimate that if 50% of passengers relieve themselves before boarding, the airline will produce 4.2 fewer tons of CO2 per month.  ***MARLAR: It’s bad enough that your dad tells you to go to the bathroom before going on a trip, now you’re going to hear it from your pilot.

There’s a new kind of DWI, driving while intoxicated by your cell phone. People talking on their cells are almost completely oblivious to what goes on around them, according to a new study from Western Washington University. Researchers used a clown riding a unicycle past participants to test the awareness of nearly 350 pedestrians. When asked if they saw the clown, 71% of those walking with a friend remembered the clown, as did 61% of those listening to music. But shockingly, only 25% of the cell phone users remembered seeing a clown on a unicycle. “If people experience so much difficulty performing the task of walking when on a cell phone, just think of what this means when put into the context of driving safety,” says psychology professor Ira Hyman.  ***MARLAR: I’m not sure this is a fair analysis.  Couldn’t it be that we just see clowns on the road so often that we’re just desensitized to them?

In Louisville, Kentucky, police were performing a home check on Craig A. Dunn, who was under house arrest, when they found a tube of aluminum foil burnt on one end and a spoon with burn marks and possible drug residue. When questioned about the items, Dunn said they weren’t his-and told police that the spoon and foil belonged to Jesus, who he maintains is trying to set him up. Amazingly officers didn’t buy the story and Dunn now faces more charges of possession of drug paraphernalia.  ***MARLAR: No charges have yet been filed against the Lord.

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