Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

British researchers say missing DNA may be to blame for severe obesity in some children. A study on 300 obese children found evidence that the lack of certain chunks of DNA may be promoting extreme weight gain. ***MARLAR: I knew being a fat slob wasn’t my fault.  Now where are my Cheetos?

In Jacksonville, Florida, Ashley Saks left Roxy, her 2-year-old Basset Hound, with a friend last week while she went out of town. She gave specific instructions to lock Roxy up if her friend had to leave because the dog hated being alone. The friend, however, making a run to a hardware store, took the dog with her and allowed her to roam about the store. Shortly afterwards, the dog got very, very sick. So they took Roxy to the Vet and were astonished and amazed by the X-rays showing the pooch had eaten about 130 nails! ***MARLAR: Which made it a lot of fun when playing fetch with magnets.

Feeling cranky? Well, here’s some news to cheer you up. A new study says that being grouchy boosts your brain. Scientists in Australia have found that ill tempered folks tend to concentrate more on what’s going on around them, and are more questioning of others giving them better memories and sharper minds. In comparison, happy people are more likely to take mental shortcuts and be gullible, resulting in less brainpower.  ***MARLAR: So yes, Oscar the Grouch is in Mensa.

The Census Bureau reports that the average American commutes for more than an hour to get to work, and that it seems to be getting longer.  ***MARLAR: And they can’t quit their jobs, because they need the money to buy gas to get to work.

Eating milk chocolate can improve your brain activity. Scientists now say you should eat some milk chocolate before your next exam or big work project. ***MARLAR: I use chocolate in my coffee every single morning… and if this is how I am when my brain activity is improved, imagine what kind of an idiot I am before that first cup of java!

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