Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

Does anyone read these things?  If so, please comment on them – just so I know you’re out there!

Cashing in on the anti-aging properties of chocolate, the Four Seasons Hotel George V spa in Paris is offering a 2-1/2-hour, $400 (US) “Decadent Chocolate Package” that includes a Chocolate and Cranberry Body Scrub, a Deep Chocolate Massage and a Toffee Chocolate Wrap. The manager said it’s “such a rejection of the idea of dieting, to dive into chocolate,” but afterwards, you have no regrets because all your senses have been satisfied and you know you’ve done yourself good.  ***MARLAR: Until you look in the mirror and see you’re covered with zits.

Texas is moving forward on a proposal to deploy photo radar on state highways. The new time-distance ticketing systems use multiple cameras spaced far apart on a freeway. Each car is photographed once as it enters the first section of road. Miles later a second photograph is taken that allows the vehicle’s average speed to be calculated from the time it took to travel between the two locations. ***MARLAR: It’s the convenience of getting a speeding ticket, without that annoying opportunity to explain why you don’t deserve one.

Hazina the hippo is happy again.  She’s got a new buddy, Haben the hippo. Hazina had been living alone at the Greater Vancouver Zoo in British Columbia after her companion died two years ago. Zoo keepers say when she saw her new friend she greeted him in fine hippo fashion. Lots of grunting, growling and bubble blowing in the water.  ***MARLAR: Yep… that’s how I won over my wife.

A 5-year-old Australian boy got a special surprise from a cereal box, but it wasn’t a toy.  It was a two-foot long snake!  Jordan Willet discovered the live snake inside a box of Golden Puffs.  Jordan’s mom said she initially thought it was a special prize until she realized it was real, live snake.  After the run in with the snake, she said that neither of them could eat anything for days.  ***MARLAR: And kids, be sure to ask your Mommy for your own Cocoa Cobra Puffs!

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