Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

The McChicken is no longer on the loose at a Southern California McDonald’s. The brown hen had grown fat and happy over the last four months hanging out at the Temecula McDonald’s. Animal control officers and even customers had tried catching the bird with no success. But the bird was finally captured after it settled in for the night right on top of the drive-through window box. A group of employees distracted the hen with bites of hamburger bun and nabbed it. But it won’t end up on the menu. The McChicken has been sent to live as a pet with other chickens at the home of one of the restaurant workers.  ***MARLAR: Obviously the chicken never made it inside the restaurant.  One look in the freezer and it would left on its own.  (Gasp!)  “That’s my cousin, Benny!”

So, you’ve got the Harley, the Jet Ski and the vintage Vette. But where are you going to park those grown-up toys? How about a garage condo? A company called GarageTown U-S-A is selling upscale parking spots. Prices for a garage condo range from 42-grand to 116-thousand dollars.  Facilities are in the works in 20 locations from the Pacific Northwest to Texas and Arizona. Marketing manager Carrie Berglund says not all their customers are looking for a place to park their pricey wheels. She says they sold one unit to three guys with a band, because their wives didn’t like loud music in their homes. ***MARLAR: So, they are like a garage band… but only for the richest 1% of America.

Police in Orlando, Florida, were hoping for a good turnout at their “Kicks for Guns” sneaker exchange, but they weren’t expecting a surface-to-air missile launcher. One man showed up and exchanged the 4-foot-long launcher for size-3 Reebok sneakers for his daughter. The man tells the Orlando Sentinel he found the weapon in a shed he tore down. He says he took it to three dumps to try to get rid of it, but they told him to get lost. ***MARLAR: Well, not in so many words – after all, at the time he was holding a missile launcher.

A British court has barred a country music fan from indulging her tastes late at night after her neighbors complained about hearing a little too much Dolly Parton and Tammy Wynette.  Diane Duffin cannot play country music between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. This after the neighbors below in her apartment complex complained after hearing the songs played over and over again.  One neighbor who lived in the apartment directly below Diane kept a diary of her musical habits said that on one day alone, Wynette’s “D-I-V-O-R-C-E” was played 20 times.  ***MARLAR: In retaliation, Diane is now cranking up “Friends in Low Places.”

A worker digging in Peru found a fossilized glyptodon, a prehistoric armadillo the size of a small car.  ***MARLAR: Experts believe it was run over by a prehistoric Humvee.

Virginia’s tourism agency is ditching some hand gestures that appear in some of its ad campaigns. The images are of people making heart symbols with their hands. Virginia’s official tourism slogan is “Virginia is for Lovers.” But it turns out the gesture is also used by a violent street gang in Chicago.  ***MARLAR: So you are either telling someone you love them, or you’re saying, “I’m gonna put a cap in you, Sucka!”

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