Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

Hundreds of hardened prisoners touched off a riot in Izmire, Turkey recently.  Seven convicts and five guards were seriously injured. The reason for the riot? The prisoners were served lumpy pancakes.  ***MARLAR: And boy were they “I-Hopping” mad!”

A report says banks may be the next target for terrorists. ***MARLAR: Terrorists hate us for our freedoms, yet they’ll attack the one place we have so little freedom that they even chain the pens to the desks.

Researchers have found a fossil of what may have been one of the world’s first plants. ***MARLAR: It may also be evidence of man’s first clothing, as it was stamped with “Fig of the Loom”.

Madison County, Illinois, has earned the nickname “The Promised Land” by some trial lawyers because of the county’s incredibly lawsuit friendly verdicts. Case in point; a Madison County judge recently awarded $311,700 to Amanda Verett for a long series of painful injuries that her courtroom-veteran chiropractor has been treating. It seems Amanda was holding a door open at a Pizza Hut when an employee yanked it open farther. As a result she claims she’s suffered horrible shoulder, arm and hand injuries.  ***MARLAR: Yet her arm worked perfectly in the courtroom when she had to place it on a bible.

A recent study shows that children taught at home by parents or tutors do just as well, if not better, than kids educated in public schools. While some educators feel that home schooled children fail academically and socially, the study does not support that.  ***MARLAR: Personally, I think it’s just because the food is better.

A new study says that revenue from “product placement” advertising will triple in the next three years.  ***MARLAR: This fact brought to you by the University of Coca Cola’s Toyota Frito-Lay Research Lab.

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