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It seems hard to believe but only one in four Oklahoma high school students can correctly name the first president of the United States, according to a survey released late last week. The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs conducted the survey to find the students’ basic knowledge of civics. Students were asked 10 questions taken from the U.S. citizenship test.  ***MARLAR: At least, they THINK it was ten questions – turns out they can’t count either.

Two police officers who chased and Tasered a 76-year-old man driving a tractor in a Wyoming town parade have been fired. Bud Grose, who was shocked five times by Officer Michael Kavenius, welcomed the decision announced Tuesday by the Glenrock Police Department. Police say Grose, who was driving an antique tractor in the parade, disobeyed Kavenius’ traffic command. That led to a short pursuit and the Taser use, which outraged some in the town of 2,400.  ***MARLAR: So the cops tasered them too.

Oops! In a few short weeks, Carolyn Savage will give birth after going through in vitro fertilization. But she and her husband will be forced to say hello and goodbye in just a few moments before they give the baby up — because the baby she’s carrying belongs to someone else. Savage was implanted with another couple’s embryos at an Ohio fertility clinic in February.  ***MARLAR: It’s amazing what kind of weird stories pop up now that science has taken over the world.  So what happens in this situation?  Do the real parents get to tell the accidental-surrogate mother how she can live for nine months?  Do the real parents get to tell her what she can and cannot eat, do, etc.?  Some parents like to read to their unborn child – do the real parents have the right to come over every night to read Dr. Seuss into the belly of the accidental-surrogate mom?  And where is the rest of the story?  Where’s the kid that was SUPPOSED to be inside the mother – still in the fridge?  Gee, ain’t Science wonderful!

In the midst of a drug raid on a house that apparently took nine full hours and cost $4,000, cops apparently were distracted by Wii bowling. Reports say they started the game up within 20 minutes of entering the house and spent hours playing it. The incident is being investigated after it was caught on the drug dealer’s security camera, though it should be noted that some cops were looking for drugs at the same time. ***MARLAR: Or the other game controller.

It’s every child’s dream–a full-sized house made entirely of Legos, right down to the flushing toilet, breadbox and newspapers. But the two-story Lego house just completed in England was demolished on Tuesday, Sept. 22, after a deal to place it at a nearby Legoland amusement park fell through. The project was the idea of James May, a British TV host, to be featured on his series Toy Stories. He enlisted a thousand volunteers and used 3.3 million donated Lego bricks. He even spent a night in the house, which he learned in not waterproof and has “the most uncomfortable bed I’ve ever slept in.”  ***MARLAR: Keeping the lawn trimmed is a snap though. 

According to a Time magazine poll, 80% percent of Americans surveyed say children are more spoiled today than they were 10 years ago. ***MARLAR: The other 20% weren’t polled because they were busy picking up their children’s dirty socks, brushing their children’s ponies, and waiting in line at Toys-R-Us.

An Australian swimming coach says he’s improved his team’s performance by throwing a live crocodile in the pool with them. ***MARLAR: Hey, coach! Could you jump in and show me how that breaststroke is done again?

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