Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

A new wand is going to be put in the hands of airport security guards. The device can detect hidden metal and explosives, but it can also deliver a paralyzing electric shock to a terrorist – or an innocent passenger who happens to have a metal implant in his or her body. Existing detectors used by security personnel can sniff out dangerous substances, but if a bomb-carrying terrorist realizes he’s been spotted, he can detonate the device before the guard can do anything about it. The new wand, developed by Israeli inventor Amit Weisman and Yardeni Associates of Connecticut, contains a transformer that generates 100 kilovolts of electricity, enough to deliver a knockout blow to anyone it touches. The manufacturers insist the effects of the jolt are “temporary and reversible.”  ***MARLAR: Please excuse my ignorance here – but if you find out that a terrorist has a bomb strapped to his body, wouldn’t the LAST thing you want to do is be surging the guy with 100 kilovolts of electricity?!?

Ever thrown money around when a hot woman was watching? Men are more generous around attractive women, a recent study confirms. Using a money earning age, British researchers found that men contributed more winnings to charity when they were being watched by a beautiful woman than when they were playing alone or being watched by another man. Men may be showing off to potential mates according to the report.  ***MARLAR: In other words, “Hey, Baby – here’s how much money I COULD be blowing on you instead of these orphans…”

When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed at work, chewing gum can help tame your tension, report Australian researchers. People who chewed gum while taking math and memory tests experienced a 17% drop in self reported stress. “The act of chewing may subconsciously be associated with positive social setting like mealtimes, and this association may reduce stress,” says study author Andrew Scholey, Ph.D.  ***MARLAR: Michael Moore is the least stressed person in America.

So ladies, how do you make him fall in love? Take him on a rollercoaster ride. Or bungee-jumping. Or whitewater rafting. Literally. It turns out that stomach flips, adrenaline and screams associated with any white-knuckle event create a rush of the hormone that makes us fall in love, according to research from Richard Robinson, author of “Why the One You Fancy Never Fancies You.” That hormone is called phenylethylamine. An important component in the science of attraction, it is secreted when you see someone you really like.  ***MARLAR: I fell in love with my wife Robin from the adrenaline rush of being in the passenger seat when she was driving.  My heart is still racing.

An Italian judge ordered a 220-pound teenage thug to lose weight on the theory that his low self-esteem made him a bully.  ***MARLAR: Even if it doesn’t work, at least he won’t have a need to steal other kids’ lunch money.

Looking for a safe place to drive to?  If you’re planning to relocate, or are planning a road trip, All State Insurance says that Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is the safest town in America to drive in.  ***MARLAR: Unfortunately, there’s nothing there worth driving to.

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