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Charles McKinley, 25, sealed himself in a crate and had himself shipped home from New York to the Dallas suburb of DeSoto for Christmas. After 17 hours inside, he used a crowbar to pry open the box, popped out on his parents’ doorstep, shook the hand of the shocked delivery man, and walked away. The delivery man called police, who arrested him on some outstanding warrants. He also sparked an FBI investigation to find out how airports can have such tight security on passengers but miss people sealed in crates. ***MARLAR: When asked why he chose this unusual method of travel, the man said it was roomier than flying coach.

Police in the San Francisco area are trying to hunt down a prankster who has phoned in nearly 2,000 fake emergency calls to 911.  Authorities say the man who identifies himself as “Nomar” has reported being a victim of everything from a drug overdose and a possible heart attack to robbery and attempted suicide. A police spokesman says because they can’t determine it’s a false call, they send people out. The fake calls have tied up dispatchers and sent police and firefighters on wild goose chases.  Police have determined the phone originated with a company in Oklahoma that donated old employee cell phones to an organization that distributes them to the homeless. The phone has no service carrier, which has prevented investigators from discovering any further personal information about the caller.  Investigators are documenting all the calls in hopes of eventually prosecuting the man.  ***MARLAR: At which point he’ll be punished by his phone number being given to all of the world’s telemarketers.

A medical intern at a hospital in Austria mistakenly injected an elderly patient with olive oil instead of antibiotics after mixing up the vials at her bedside. The olive oil had been placed there by a physiotherapist for a massage. Fortunately, doctors said she would not suffer any serious complications from having olive oil in her veins. ***MARLAR: What about the complications from being massaged with tetracycline?

A Japanese teen was banned from attending a school dance after being busted for excessive cursing at school. But he knew the dance was a big one and he really wanted to go. So he did. He managed to get in by disguising himself as a girl, complete with a black dress, sandals, nail polish, glasses and a wig. His sister and her girlfriends helped with the disguise.  His success was short-lived, however… he was spotted the second he walked in. ***MARLAR: At which point he began cursing excessively.

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