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With over two-thirds of Americans and more than half of Canadians overweight, makers of bathroom scales are having to ratchet up the high end of their scales’ capacity. The industry standard limit was 270 to 300 pounds, but Health-O-Meter is now introducing scales with a top limit of 330 to 400 pounds. A spokesman said, “400 seemed a reasonable number,” but if consumers need a higher capacity, “we have the technology to do it.”  ***MARLAR: Why bother?  When you reach 400 pounds, there ain’t no way you’re belly is going to let you see the numbers.

You’ll find everything from skate-boarding dogs to bad karaoke on YouTube. Now, you can add dancing scientists to the list. The “Perrigo (PIHR’-ih-goh) Dancing Scientists” on YouTube are lab-coat-wearing workers taking a boogie break. The video was shot at a Perrigo lab in Michigan. The under two-minute clip uses a mix of actors and actual scientists. Company officials say they want to convince job hunters the drug maker is a hip, fun place to work. The company says response has been so good to the dancing scientists music video, they may even do a sequel.  ***MARLAR: Can you imagine that job interview?  “Sure, you went to Harvard and Stanford, majored in Biology – but can you break dance while reciting prime numbers?”

Perhaps you remember the 2006 story of Tony Alleyne of Leicestershire, England. He’s the guy who was having trouble selling his small apartment that he had meticulously remodeled to the exact specifications of the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek fame. However, after getting no buyers, he then redesigned the place as the flight deck of the Starship Voyager and has indeed found a buyer willing to pay $840,000 for the place– roughly five times the value of a comparable apartment in that same neighborhood.  ***MARLAR: You have to wonder if the guy will actually get paid though, because they don’t use money in the Star Trek universe.

You’ve heard the one about the dog eating the homework. But how about the computer eating the grade? Officials of Pennsylvania’s Hollidaysburg Area School District say a computer crash has led to the permanent loss of fourth-quarter grades for more than three-thousand students. But they’ll still be getting report cards. District officials say some information from the fourth quarter will be combined with the grades from the first three quarters to determine the final grades. ***MARLAR: That would not have been beneficial at all for me in high school.  The average would still be the same if all three school quarters had the same grade of D-minus.

In Rohrbach, Austria, seven people attending a self-help seminar had to be hospitalized with severe burns to the feet after they tried the confidence-boosting exercise of walking barefoot over hot coals. They apparently did it when they were glowing red rather than waiting for an ash layer to form on top. The seminar organizers have dropped their slogan, “If you can walk over hot coals, you can do anything.”  ***MARLAR: Well, anything that doesn’t involve walking again for the next couple of months.

A gang of robbers raided a house in Argentina and then threw a party in front of their victims. The three men ate a meal and danced to the radio before driving off in their car. ***MARLAR: The police haven’t captured the dancing crooks yet, but their story is already being shopped around Hollywood as the pilot for a new series called “Law and Order: So You Think You Can Dance Unit.”

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