Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

We’ve all seen the TV commercials where a guy sprays himself and is then suddenly attacked by females.  The campaign seems to be powerful enough that now teenage boys are spraying themselves constantly, causing classrooms to be unbearable, and causing some problems for kids with asthma.  Some schools in Nebraska are considering bans on body sprays, and in Canada one middle school already has the ban in place.  ***MARLAR: Meaning the only thing you may smell from the guys is their B/O.

Jurors often have to solve puzzles of the legal variety. But an Australian judge has called a halt to a drug conspiracy trial because some jurors were playing Sudoku. People had assumed the jurors were taking notes, not solving numbers puzzles. But the jury foreman admitted to the judge that four or five jurors were playing the games while evidence was being presented. According to the foreman, Sudoku helped him concentrate during the slower portions of the trial. No action will taken against the game-playing jurors and a new trial will be scheduled.  ***MARLAR: As a judge I’d be yelling, “That’s it!  Contempt of court – three days in the slammer for obstruction of justice!  What do you think we’re doing here – playing games?!?!?”

46-year-old Christopher Garcia of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was recently turned down for unemployment benefits because the judge in the case found that he was indeed properly fired by a convenience store for misconduct. In this case, the misconduct was that he would not stop “air drumming” while on duty. He would do this using real drumsticks by the way, causing some customers to complain of feeling threatened.  ***MARLAR: But now he has a lot of extra time to start that air rock band he’s been fantasizing about!

A German thief was arrested after he stole an in-car navigation system, sold it on an Internet auction site, and the buyer turned out to be his victim who turned him in.  ***MARLAR: Boy, you can’t trust ANYBODY you meet on the Internet.

A eighty-nine-year-old great-grandfather will graduate with an honors degree in sociology from the University of Wolverhampton in England.  ***MARLAR: And seeing as he’s lived through most of it, he’s being awarded an honorary degree in History.

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