Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

In Milford, New Hampshire, a small teddy bear dropped into a government-run fish hatchery and killed all 2,500 rainbow trout. Dressed in a yellow raincoat and matching hat, the assassin bear pulled off its silent massacre by suffocation, clogging a drain and blocking oxygen flow to the pool. According to Fish and Game Department supervisor Robert Fawcett, this is the first time a teddy bear has struck hatchery fish.  ***MARLAR: Paddington has plead “innocent.”

The latest equality laws from European Union bureaucrats are sparking protests. The new anti-discrimination laws will make it illegal for anyone to stipulate in ads that they want a roommate of the same sex. Critics say widows and divorcees will be afraid to rent out their homes, and battered women’s shelters will have to take in men.  The laws will also force women to pay 40 percent more for car insurance, since it’s not fair that they pay less than men just because they have fewer car accidents. ***MARLAR: Apparently, “equality” means everyone gets run over equally.

Texas is moving forward on a proposal to deploy photo radar on state highways. The new time-distance ticketing systems use multiple cameras spaced far apart on a freeway. Each car is photographed once as it enters the first section of road. Miles later a second photograph is taken that allows the vehicle’s average speed to be calculated from the time it took to travel between the two locations. ***MARLAR: It’s the convenience of getting a speeding ticket, without that annoying opportunity to explain why you don’t deserve one.

Would you be make more working somewhere else? Now, you can peer over to the other side of cubicle. A new Web site called Glassdoor.com is revealing salary info from hundreds of major employers. The site also posts anonymous reviews written by current and past workers. Glassdoor CEO Robert Hohman says they believe it’s “super important” to help people find jobs “where they can go home happy at the end of the day.” While access to the site is free, there is a catch. To see the juiciest info, users have posted their own salaries and feelings about their bosses.  ***MARLAR: This would be just a site for venting for me.  (Type, type type) “And this is what kind of a jerk my boss has been today…” (Type, type, type.)

A new study from researchers at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles has concluded that people whose diets are rich in fiber and fruit are more likely to be of normal weight and not get fat.  ***MARLAR: So, do they give a suggested serving size of Fruit Roll Ups?

Students at a secondary school in New Delhi, India, are living in terror of a monkey that has been disrupting classes for the past fifteen days. Since monkeys are sacred in India, it’s tough to get anyone to come and get rid of him.  ***MARLAR: I think I have a solution for this one.  Whenever the monkey comes into the classroom, have the teacher immediately begin teaching the theory of evolution.  The monkey will be so offended to be compared to humans that he’ll leave on his own.

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