Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

For a second straight year, Miami tops the latest road rage ranking. You know the type, drivers chatting too often on cell phones and speeding through red lights. ***MARLAR: Chicago is asking for a recount.

Scientists have discovered that the Earth’s gravity is actually less in northern Canada. ***MARLAR: So, does that mean I can move there and instantly weigh less?

Coffee Nation is using more than espresso to attract customers. Their employees wear bikini tops when serving at the Salem, Oregon, drive-through. Owners Adam Marshall and Steven Rotan say sales have doubled to a-thousand dollars a day since their employees started dressing down. One of the bikini-clad baristas is Rotan’s wife, Carmel. She says her tips have tripled since she started wearing a bikini on the job. The owners say they haven’t gotten any complains yet, even from female customers. ***MARLAR: And they’re an equal-opportunity employer, so the bikini-tops apply to male staff too.

The BBC reports that Indian strongman Shailendra Roy attached a chain to his foot-long ponytail and used it to pull a 35-ton locomotive and three train cars about 300 yards. He said he keeps his hair strong by treating it with mustard oil and pulling heavy objects with it. He next plans to fly into the air, hanging from a helicopter suspended only by his ponytail. ***MARLAR: And only one thing can stop him: Male pattern baldness.

Jeffrey Ely of Duluth, Minnesota, is suing Nikki Munthe and her family for the damages their dog Fester did to his car when he ran over him. The 13-pound dog squeezed past Nikki when she opened the door, ran onto the nearby highway, and was hit and instantly killed by Ely’s 1997 Honda Civic. He said the dog pushed his bumper into his radiator, necessitating replacement, so he’s suing them for about $1,100. Ely said, “I have complete compassion for them. I know how it feels. I love dogs. But once you get them, they are your responsibility.” ***MARLAR: And when their kids ran out crying, their tears caused some rust damage he wants fixed.

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