Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

According to USA Today, airline pilots are choosing their words more carefully. When speaking to passengers, pilots say “we are experiencing bumpy air” instead of turbulence, “rain showers” instead of thunderstorms and “gate” instead of “terminal,” which people associate with death. Additionally, flights are not late but “delayed.”  ***MARLAR: And your bags weren’t broken into by the baggage handlers, but merely “quality inspected inside and out”.

The world’s largest aquarium has its very own Michelangelo. An Italian artist is near completion of an aquatic mural on the expansive ceiling at the entrance to the Georgia Aquarium. The 3,000-square-foot mural is an ocean scene with many of the creatures visitors can find at the aquarium, a whale shark, a beluga whale, schools of fish and a sea turtle. ***MARLAR: Unfortunately, the artist wasn’t thinking when he chose to do it in watercolors.

Tree-sitters at the University of California, Berkeley, are continuing to protest campus plans for a new sports center. The plan would mean cutting down the oak grove where protesters have been perching for months. ***MARLAR: Wouldn’t they come down automatically if you just took a chainsaw to the trees as you were planning to do anyway?

Angelia Clark made front-page headlines: “Rich Barker will you marry me?”  Clark’s proposal was published in the newspaper in Coshocton, Ohio.  Barker’s answer, delivered to Tribune readers the next day: “Yes.”  The proposal accompanied a photograph of Clark holding a box with a wedding band.  ***MARLAR: What better way to find out if the man you want to marry knows how to read?

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing is offering free low-quality images of U.S. currency bills over the Internet. This is for artists, students and others who find out their computers won’t allow them to copy the bills because of hidden counterfeiting protections. ***MARLAR: Anyone wishing to download a fifty should log on to The-FBI-Knows-Where-You-Live.com.

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