Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

If you think that eating a little bag of potato chips every day won’t hurt you, think again. According to a new British report, eating a bag of potato chips every day is like drinking almost five liters of cooking oil every year. However, the snack food industry is disputing the claim. They say the study over estimates the oil content by basing the calculations on large bags of potato chips.  ***MARLAR: Well you can’t just stop at one bag of chips.  No one can eat just one!  No one can!

Two cleaners from a natural history museum in Sweden are being sent on an all-expense paid trip to Paris in order for them to study. So what are they going to study? Well, they’re cleaners… so they’re going to study cleaning! The women are expected to visit several museums and see how the French cleaners work. ***MARLAR: After all… you have to have training, otherwise you may end up using something like brooms, rags, and mops incorrectly!  (The idea that you’d pay money to be trained for that kind of stuff… you’re already being taken to the cleaners!)

If you’ve ever wished for a way to quickly separate tall tales from the truth, the solution may be just a mail order away.  A new gadget called “The Truster” is available at spy gadget stores and online. It’s marketed as the world’s first portable lie-detector test.  “The Truster” looks like a cellular phone or a pocket audio recorder, but its manufacturer claims it can actually detect stress in the human voice.  If the LCD screen shows a full apple, it indicates a person is telling the truth. Disappearing bites from the apple indicate someone is lying.  The makers of “The Truster” do point out it’s for “entertainment” only and should not be used for critical decisions in the business of life or love.”  The Truster” retails for around $90. ***MARLAR: The U.S. Congress is already drafting laws to keep the device out of government buildings.

According to the Treasury Department’s Inspector General, a sampling of Internal Revenue Service employees found they used about half their online time at work to visit gambling sites, to trade stocks, participate in chat rooms and do other non-work-related activity. ***MARLAR: “I.R.S.” = “I’m Really Slothful!”

Here’s a novel way for thrifty brides and grooms to cut wedding costs — rent a fake wedding cake. The idea is to have an elegant, multi-tiered pretend cake for show while serving guests slices from a real but inexpensive sheet cake.  ***MARLAR: We had the best of both worlds at our wedding.  A real cake that only tasted fake.  (That’s what happens when my mother-in-law cooks anything.)

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