Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

A Los Angeles exhibition by photographer Jill Greenberg featured 27 different photos of two and three-year-olds children crying. What makes it outrageous is why they were crying. Apparently Ms. Greenberg offered each child a lollipop and then snatched it away and photographed their reactions. She later admitted that the photos were “upsetting” but denied critics’ accusations of child abuse.  ***MARLAR: Maybe they should offer this lady her own art show, and then yank it away from her when she gets excited about it.

Two Pennsylvania 17-year-olds thought it would be great fun to make nearly 500 obscene calls to 9-1-1. However, they never stopped to think that 9-1-1 operators have caller ID. Prosecutors in Tioga County say the teens made nearly 200 dirty calls in one day alone. The teens have been sent to a local juvenile court center and face charges including harassment and obstructing emergency services.  ***MARLAR: Then they were given their one phone call and were arrested again.

A German court isn’t buying a woman’s claim that she has a phobia of official letters. The court ruled against the woman after her appeal of a decision to cut off child support benefits came months after the deadline. The court rejected her case, saying it was a long-term problem, and she would’ve had plenty of time to seek help.  ***MARLAR: So if you were planning on claiming you have a phobia to paying bills, don’t.  It’s not going to work.  (Dang it.)

Scientists have discovered monkeys in Indonesia that fish.  Technically, it’s not really fishing because they use their hands. Speaking of apes and monkeys, the handlers of the chimpanzee featured in the Tarzan movies are trying to get the ape a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The 76-year-old chimp is retired from appearing in movies and television.  ***MARLAR: And spends his time fishing in Indonesia.

An Indiana robber apparently thought a kid’s lemonade stand was an easy target. Until the crime went sour.  He grabbed $17.50 and started running. The girl who had set up the lemonade stand gave chase, and the man ducked into a nearby home. The child called police, who spent nearly an hour trying to coax the man into surrendering.  ***MARLAR: Who earns seventeen bucks at a lemonade stand?  That’s gotta be some tasty danged lemonade.

Scientists are now hoping to create a source of stem cells by fusing human cells with rabbit eggs to create embryos that are mostly human but part rabbit.  ***MARLAR: Oh yeah, that’ll solve the problem of stem cells being controversial.  After all, nobody could possibly have moral objections to them creating a Frankenbunny.

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