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Mary Bussey of Denver, Colorado, looked up to see an 8-month-old baby dangling off a third floor balcony and hanging on by one tiny fist. Luckily that little kid held on just long enough for Mary to get under him, and she made a miraculous catch.  Police say the 17-year-old mother left the child in the care of her two younger brothers while she went to work.  The boys had left the door open and the baby had managed to crawl onto the balcony. The baby is now back with its mother, but under close watch of social services.  ***MARLAR: And now you know why catchers often oil their mitts with baby oil.

If you get a tattoo, be prepared for this little known side effect: The skin in that area will become less sensitive to touch reports New Scientist. A small study suggests that the tattooing process may disrupt the nerve signals to the skin.  ***MARLAR: So as touching as it may be to have “MOM” tattooed on your arm – it actually makes you less-feeling.

A two-year-old boy dining at a California Applebee’s was mistakenly served a margarita in his sippy cup.  ***MARLAR: The parents knew something was wrong when their child suddenly did absolutely nothing to embarrass them.

A survey by Solutions Research Group found 63% of Blackberry owners have used their PDA in the bathroom.  ***MARLAR: And the other 37% are liar-liar-liars!!!!

Police in Boynton Beach, Florida, are converting a Krispy Kreme donut store into the new police headquarters.  ***MARLAR: For some reason I am totally unable to come up with a funny comment for this one.

A Danish clinic that offers treatment for people suffering from pathological gambling and Internet addiction has now also begun helping people addicted to text messaging.  ***MARLAR: I wonder if I can take my first session over the cell phone.

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