Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

A parliamentary panel in cigarette-friendly France has called for the government to ban smoking in public places like cafes and restaurants in less than a year, except in special “smoking rooms.” ***MARLAR: In response, smokers in France are now demanding that the name of Paris be changed to “Smoking Room.”  (audio clip)

Michael Young had the good fortune of being seated next to Juliet Lever on a flight from Belfast to Newcastle. The two hit if off instantly but Michael was too shy to ask Juliet for her number. However, he found himself pining away for his new lost love so much that he finally contacted Flybe Airlines and begged them to help track her down. They agreed to call her and Juliet then phoned Mike and agreed to a date. After a whirlwind romance, the couple plans to get married next month. Juliet says, “Every girl dreams of a fairytale romance and you couldn’t get better than this.”  ***MARLAR: Well, you could – but only if all of this took place on frequent flier miles.

An Oxford study found that if you use a lot of flowery language to describe the taste or smell of something, people actually think it tastes and smells better.  ***MARLAR: This explains how the French convinced everyone that the world’s greatest foods are snails, goose liver and fish eggs.  (And how else can you explain that we all love cheese, which actually smells like feet?)

A judge in Austria ruled that a senior citizen is banned from taking a shower after 10pm because the noise he made was keeping his 78-year-old neighbor awake. ***MARLAR: Maybe he should try a water softener.

According to a new study, 50% of people have at least 50% of their hair turn gray by age 50.  ***MARLAR: The other 50% are parents who had to dye their hair beginning at the age of 26.

With new research, it’s been found that in the average lifetime 2 weeks are spent kissing and a whopping 9 years are spent watching TV.  ***MARLAR: Which is essentially time spent watching people kissing.

Italian researchers say coffee appears to protect against an eyelid spasm that can lead to a type of blindness.  ***MARLAR: The side-effect is dealing with the burn scars on your retina.

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