Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

London’s Daily Mirror awarded Keith Jackson of Wrexham, North Wales, the honor of holding the most boring job in Britain. His job is literally to watch paint dry. He works for a company that makes floor paint for places such as subways that have to be painted overnight and dry quickly. He times how long it takes different formulas of paint to dry by staring at them for hours and occasionally touching the surface with his finger to see how tacky it is.  ***MARLAR: Still, it’s got to be better than watching French films.

Dr. Keith Leonard is turning to horsepower in the face of rising gas prices. The Washington state dentist and his staff are riding to work on horseback. Leonard says more than half his dental assistants and office staff own horses, so Wednesday they saddled up and rode to work. Two others rode their bikes. Leonard says they can’t control how much the oil companies charge. But he adds for a day at least, they weren’t buying.  ***MARLAR: They just had to be careful in the parking lot to not step on vehicle emissions.

A barber in Amsterdam who once stabbed a customer to death with his scissors was arrested for stabbing another customer with his scissors.  ***MARLAR: How good of a haircut must this guy give to keep getting customers?

Schools in Ottawa, Canada, are considering selling naming rights to corporations, but critics say nobody would want to go to Taco Bell High School.  ***MARLAR: Especially if they have refried beans at lunch every day.

An Oregon woman is accused of bilking Target stores out of $30,000 in merchandise by switching the price tags of expensive items for those from 99-cent juice cups.  ***MARLAR: How could the Target cashiers not notice that there was suddenly a sale on 99-cent radial tires?

Britain’s Independent newspaper reports that first, disco and ’70s fashions made a comeback, and now, the scents of the ’70s are back. Sales are rising, especially among young consumers, of so-called “heritage scents”: fragrances such as Charlie, Brut and Old Spice.  ***MARLAR: So if you’ve ever wanted to smell like afros and bell-bottom jeans…

Tyson Foods is working with a company to design a fuel made out of animal fat.  ***MARLAR: But not trans-fats, because that’s bad for your car’s bloodstream.

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