Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

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Just when you think people have gone as far as possible in selling out Christianity, here comes “worship for prizes.” Las Ultimas Noticias reports that there is a Catholic church in a shopping mall in Santiago, Chile. The Dockers clothing chain sponsored the installation of a sound system that detects the person in the church who’s praying the loudest, and that person wins a Dockers discount coupon. Worshipers can also win free chocolate bars and McDonald’s coupons for going to confession. ***MARLAR: The church slogan is “Jesus Saves…And So Will You, at Garden View Mall!”

Three bomb-sniffing dogs at Philadelphia International Airport failed recent tests, and Congressman Robert Brady says it’s ridiculous and the dogs should be replaced. ***MARLAR: Really? How about YOU try telling the difference in smell between dirty bombs and airline travelers, Congressman.

Stephen Starr, owner of the Barclay Prime steakhouse in Philadelphia, put a posh spin on the local favorite, the Philly cheese steak sandwich. The standard $4 version is sliced ribeye and grilled onions on an Italian roll with cheese. Starr’s has Kobe beef, Taleggio cheese, shaved truffles and sauteed foie gras, and costs $100. But will anyone order it? Starr said, “I believe you will have the rich guy in there who will say, ‘Cheese steaks for the table. And buy one for the guy over there.'” ***MARLAR: Can you get it with Cheez Whiz?

A family in Rosemount, Minnesota has quite the impressive snow fort. Mark Webber and his sons built an elaborate snow fort in their front yard. It’s complete with tunnels and walls. Webber has been on active duty in the army for 16 years. He is now with the National Guard so he can keep his family in one place. ***MARLAR: Which is a good thing, because moving from snow for to snow fort is expensive.

A Chicago man is charged with armed robbery of a gas station, where he told the clerk he was “sick of being poor” and people not giving him a job. ***MARLAR: Well, this should look great on his resume.

Kuwait is getting ready to launch an inquiry into how its Defense Ministry managed to pay $290 for a single pastry knife and $4,000 for a meat tenderizer. ***MARLAR: My guess is that they’ve bee shopping at the same place as NASA.

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