Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News

A judge in Belgium has ordered the eviction of a man from his home… which he had not cleaned in 14 years. The house was filled with hundreds of empty bottles and half-empty food cans and the floors were covered in rubbish more than three feet deep. ***MARLAR: You know, not EVERYBODY gets to their Spring Cleaning at the same time.

J.K. Rowling says she might write one more “Harry Potter” book after all.  ***MARLAR: It’ll be called, “Harry Potter and the Author of Greed.”

Shooting blind isn’t just a figure of speech to Carey McWilliams. He’s been blind since the age of ten and is trying to get a concealed weapons permit in Minnesota. He already has a carry permit in North Dakota, where he lives, and in Utah. McWilliams says he followed all the rules in Minnesota, including a required class, and has shown proficiency on the firing range. McWilliams says brains are more important than eyesight when it comes to public safety. A judge has turned down his request for a permit. Now, McWilliams says Minnesota officials have violated his constitutional right to keep and bear arms. He adds it’s nobody’s business that he’s blind. ***MARLAR: Tell that to the lady he hit yesterday with his car.

A new study shows that Americans spent more money online for clothes & shoes last year than they did for computers and electronics. First time that’s happened.  ***MARLAR: Of course, all of the clothes included iTunes technology…

Lawyers who appear on television are being advised to avoid wearing pinstripes and polka dots because they make them look untrustworthy. ***MARLAR: Riiiight… it’s the way they dress that makes lawyers seem untrustworthy.

Acting was once considered evil, and actors in the first English play to be performed in America were arrested. ***MARLAR: Nowadays we’ll even let Pauly Shore call himself an actor without repercussions.

George Anthiel was a composer of film scores, but earlier in his life he had been an avant garde composer. In 1924 his “Ballet mecanique” was performed at Carnegie Hall. The work was scored for a fire siren, automobile horns, and an airplane propeller. After only a few minutes of this racket, an aging gentleman in the orchestra seats tied his handkerchief to his cane and began waving a white flag in surrender. (It’s true!)

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