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British scientists are trying to fight global warming by inventing a new livestock feed that reduces methane gas emissions.  ***MARLAR: Couldn’t they also make it available to American restaurants?

If you’re not in the habit of carefully studying all the new charges on your credit card bill, you might want to start. The newest dirty little trick credit card thieves are using to verify your card is to make a small donation to a reputable charity.  ***MARLAR: And if you happen to be one of those criminals, please give to (JOCK), care of (THIS STATION)…

California vintners aren’t sheepish about weeds. They’re hoping researchers will be able to train sheep to eat weeds, but not the grapes in their vineyards. Sheep have their advantages over other methods of weed control. They don’t burn gas and just leave behind fertilizer. But sheep will eat the bad weeds along with the good grapes. That’s where Morgan Doran of the University of California, Davis, comes in. He says they’ve been able to train a test flock to avoid the grape vines while munching in the vineyards. But Doran says more research needs to be done before the woolly weed eaters can be let lose in grape country.  ***MARLAR: This is problematic though – have you ever tried to get a grape juice stain out of a wool sweater?

Yoga for kids is apparently the next biggest thing. In New York parents are even hiring instructors for yoga-themed birthday parties at $515 a session. “This is really a thrill to see them being healthy and having fun,” said one pleased parent. ***MARLAR: The best part for parents is being able to tell your kids to go sit in the corner for twenty minutes and meditate on what they’ve done wrong.

Nearly half of all American workers gripe about being burned out even though they didn’t use up all their vacation days last year. According to a recent survey by Yahoo Hot Jobs, 45% didn’t take all their time off, while 39% say they were too exhausted to go on a “real” vacation. Another 36% claim to be too busy to take time off, 34% say the high cost of going somewhere keeps them going to the office, while 32% want to save vacation days for real emergencies.  ***MARLAR: I know exactly how frustrating that can be, working too hard and not taking time off… so here’s my plan for you.  Work hard, and give ME your vacation time.  I’m willing to make the sacrifice for you.

A Home Depot in California is making over one of its stores in an effort to attract more women customers.  ***MARLAR: And I’m sure all the local carpenters who buy stuff there are going to love the pink hammers.

You know Aquafina for its bottled water.  Now available: Aqaufina skin care products.  ***MARLAR: Which you’ll also pay too much for.

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