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A Naples high school student, Alfredo David, was charged with felony battery over a scuffle with another student who had a Confederate flag displayed on his car. The victim told authorities David taunted him to try to start a fight over the flag, punched him in the chest through the open windows and then tried to pull him out of the car.  ***MARLAR: That’s strange.  I never really found the Dukes of Hazzard all that offensive.

When you order decaffeinated coffee, you’re coffee apparently isn’t entirely decaffeinated. A new University of Florida study shows almost all decaf coffee contains some caffeine. This could be big for people told to avoid caffeine because of certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, kidney disease or anxiety disorders. Researchers say that if someone drinks five to 10 cups of decaffeinated coffee a day, it could equal a cup or two of caffeinated coffee. The thing to remember is that decaffeinated coffee is not the same as caffeine-free coffee.  ***MARLAR: Caffeine-free coffee… the idea that something like that even exists is disturbing to me.  Does anyone actually drink caffeine-free coffee?  What’s the point of that?

New York’s top court has rejected Dan Rather’s bid to reinstate his $70 million breach-of-contract lawsuit against CBS Corp.  Rather sued CBS and its top executives in 2007, claiming he had been wrongfully removed from his “CBS Evening News” anchor post over a report that examined President George W. Bush’s military service.  In September, a five-member Appellate Division panel unanimously concluded there was no breach of contract because CBS still paid Rather his $6 million annual salary after the disputed 2004 broadcast.  ***MARLAR: Wait a minute.  Dan Rather got paid $6-million NOT to work… and he’s SUING?

In an effort to curb school violence, Taylor Thomas was suspended from a Dayton, Ohio, middle school after bringing a dangerous weapon to class. That dangerous weapon was a double fishtail comb. Even though it’s not listed as a banned item in the school code, officials are upholding the suspension. Her mom wants the suspension revoked, and any mention of it removed from Taylor’s school records. However, school officials said they are sticking by their decision and the suspension stands.  ***MARLAR: When combs are outlawed, only outlaws will have combs!

Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people do.  ***MARLAR: Probably due to all of those wrong-handed scissors accidents.

You are more likely to be killed by a champagne cork than by a poisonous spider.  ***MARLAR: Yet another excuse to avoid going to weddings.

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