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Police lured an Arkansas man out of a tree with a sandwich his wife had fixed for him, then arrested him.  Joseph Rucker fled his home, ran into nearby woods and climbed about 50 feet up a tree after police responded to a domestic disturbance call at his home in Rockport.  Officers couldn’t find Rucker at first until dogs tracked him and alerted police to his lofty perch. Police then promised the 25-year-old Rucker a sandwich his wife had made to get him to come down.  ***MARLAR: A heartwarming story indeed… most men run up trees to get AWAY from their wives’ cooking!

Beginning in the spring, the Wii will become the last of the three current video game consoles to get instant viewing of Netflix movies and TV shows over the Internet.  Wii owners who have a broadband connection and a Netflix subscription that costs at least $9 a month will be able to watch those programs with no extra charge.  ***MARLAR: It’ll give gamers one more reason to hold off going Wii (wee) until they are in too much pain.

One Broward County, Florida couple decided to tie the knot where they first met: Whole Foods Market. Jack Frankel, 75, and 67-year-old Fina Nikolos met in at the supermarket store in Coral Springs. It had been raining when Frankel noticed a beautiful woman pass him. Nikolos offered to walk him to his car with an umbrella. He later thanked her by taking her out to lunch. So the two returned to where their love began for a small wedding ceremony in the store’s cafe. About 40 people attended the ceremony as store employees and customers watched and smiled. The couple held each other close during the ceremony, sharing a few tears.  ***MARLAR: Although you have to wonder what it says about their marriage when they choose to exchange vows in the Frozen Foods section.

A woman has been charged with trashing a McDonald’s restaurant in Missouri because she was unhappy with her cheeseburger. Police said 19-year-old Alesha McMullen of Kansas City told officers her order was prepared wrong and the restaurant refused to give her a refund.  ***MARLAR: A responding officer said the store was very lucky, as things tend to get even more ugly if the issue is a lack of McNuggets.

Some people just don’t think things through. A pregnant woman in London, who goes only by the name Akono, decided to protest against U.S. policy in Iraq by organizing and participating in several public demonstrations. Now she has announced that she plans to intensify her own personal protest by going on a hunger strike explaining that, “I want to do everything I can to make sure my child has a secure future.”  ***MARLAR: There is nothing I can add to that story to make that mother look any more irresponsible.

Rocco, a beagle who strayed from a New York City yard five years ago, has been found 850 miles away in Georgia and has been reunited with his owners.  ***MARLAR: If that’s not bad enough, think about it… 850 miles is more like 5,950 in dog miles.

Patrick Henry had a total of 17 children. He had the distinction of being elected of the first governor of Virginia. ***MARLAR: Of course, he was, he was responsible for populating most of the state.

There’s a shortage of anesthesiologists in America . . . so much so that hospitals are asking colleges to encourage students to step into the field.  ***MARLAR: In the meantime, surgeons are making due by putting patients to sleep with recordings of podcasts.

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