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Most of us use them for fun and relaxation. But lately there has been a lot of serious research into whether video games can be a useful tool for medical purposes. For years, scientists have been wondering whether such games can be used to improve a patient’s health or outlook. ***MARLAR: I know I feel better after stealing cars and running down a few pedestrians while playing Grand Theft Auto.

Mara Ranger was removing clothes from a washing machine at her Maine home when she pulled out an 8-foot python. Maine Animal Damage Control operator Richard Burton says the snake probably got into Ranger’s washing machine through water pipes. The snake has been taken to the York Animal Kingdom in York, Maine. ***MARLAR: Clean and smelling springtime fresh.

If you call your closest girlfriend to vent about your husband’s diehard devotion to golf, you know it’s a relief to express your feelings. It was reported in Ladies’ Home Journal, that now researchers have discovered why. According to a study from UCLA, attaching words to a feeling reduces activity in the part of the brain that controls our biological response to emotions, such as increased heart rate when we’re angry. “Expressing your feelings in words short circuits the body’s reaction by preventing stress hormones from being released,” says lead author Matthew D. Lieberman, an associate professor of psychology. ***MARLAR: What if what really irks you about your spouse is that they always call someone to complain about you?

If your toothbrush fell in the toilet, would you throw it away or rinse it off and continue using it? Well, get this, 9% of men said they would fish the toothbrush out of the toilet and use it again, according to a survey by dental products manufacturer Philips Sonicare. In addition, almost half of all adults said that if their toothbrush fell on the floor, they would use it again — even though they acknowledged that their bathroom floor is the dirtiest floor in the house. ***MARLAR: That all sounds gross, but if you think about it isn’t toothpaste nothing more than soap in a tube for your teeth? If so, you’re washing it every time you use your toothbrush anywhere – regardless of where it was eight seconds earlier.

Police in San Jose, California say a car dealer who repossessed a woman’s Honda Accord left with something a bit more valuable: her 2-year-old son. The woman’s child was sleeping in the back of the car when it was taken away by an employee of Alberto’s Auto Sales because the boy’s mother was behind on her payments. Officers located the toddler a half-hour later – about the same time the driver told authorities that he discovered the boy. Sgt. Ronnie Lopez says kidnapping charges don’t appear to be warranted. But he says the mother should have checked the car thoroughly. ***MARLAR: In other news, Alberto’s Auto Sales has announced their new “curbside babysitting service”.

A New Jersey mother said her 8-year-old son faces extra scrutiny from TSA agents when he flies because his name appears on a “selectee” list, The New York Times reported. Najlah Feanny Hicks said her son, Michael Hicks, a Cub Scout who travels often with his family, has had to go through extra security screening for most of his young life, receiving his first invasive pat-down at the age of two. The trouble began even before that: when Michael Hicks was a baby, Najlah Hicks said she was told by airplane officials that her son “was on the list.” ***MARLAR: Apparently they smelled his diaper and assumed a bomb had gone off.

Authorities say they have arrested 33-year-old Tanya Nareau of Mesa,Arizona who traded her 2-year-old daughter for a gun. Deputies say they spoke with a family friend who had the child and confirmed Nareau gave the girl to him for gun. Deputies say Nareau felt the friend would do a better job raising the child than she would. ***MARLAR: Plus she was teaching her daughter the importance of sharing.

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