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In Australia, a rugby player discovered what’s been causing headaches for the past several months. Seems that back in April, he had bumped heads with an opponent and part of the opponent’s tooth had broken off in his skull!  ***MARLAR: The man finally called his doctor after he noticed his hair was suffering from gingivitis.

An environmental pressure group claims that American babies are “born polluted” with traces of chemical pollutants already in their bodies.  ***MARLAR: If you’ve ever changed a diaper, you already know babies are filled with toxic pollution.

Can ice cream be considered a health food?  Well, not quite – but if you’re trying to lose weight, but have uncontrollable urges to snack on sinful foods, ice cream is your best bet, say researchers at the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado. Ice cream is loaded with calcium, an important mineral that bumps fat out of cells and into your bloodstream, where it burns off. Ice cream seems to work best on belly fat, which has been linked to metabolic syndrome, a complex host of conditions that can lead to heart disease.  ***MARLAR: For health reasons, after the show I’m heading to Culvers for a Heath Bar concrete.

The TV commercials may not have been lying to you.  Apparently chewing sugar-free gum really can make your teeth cleaner and stronger. A study partially funded by Wrigley found that some gums actually help prevent cavities, reduce plaque and make teeth stronger. Now, the American Dental Association has awarded these treats the group’s seal of approval. It’s the first time gum packages will be able to display the seal.  ***MARLAR: Or for an even healthier idea, toss out the gum and just chew the wrappers.

Pint-sized patrolman Landon Wilburn is on the beat. The 11-year-old Louisville, Kentucky, kid is tired of speeders in his neighborhood. So, he’s taking aim at the lead-foot drivers with his radar gun. Landon wears a reflective vest and a bicycle helmet. He points his Hot Wheels speed gun at cars as they whiz by and records just how fast they’re going. One neighbor tells The Courier-Journal some of the speeders slam on their brakes when they see the kid cop with the toy speed gun. City officials say they’ll consider the neighborhood for speed bumps.  ***MARLAR: The downside is getting a speeding ticket covered in peanut butter and jelly fingerprints.

One Swedish retiree is chopping his gasoline bills — with wood. Tore Blomqvist has converted his car to run on wood gas. The 78-year-old former mechanic says that’s what they did during the gas shortages of World War II. Wood is partially burned in a contraption on the back of his car. The resulting combustible gas is fed into the engine instead of gasoline. He says a recent 300-mile drive cost him just 17 bucks for four bags of firewood, instead of nearly $120 for gasoline.  ***MARLAR: So how much wood would a wood car burn if a wood car would burn wood?

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