Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – April 01, 2010

A Wisconsin college has found a new way to cut costs with e-mail – by changing the font (no, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke).  The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has switched the default font on its e-mail system from Arial to Century Gothic. It says that while the change sounds minor, it will save money on ink when students print e-mails in the new font.  Diane Blohowiak is the school’s director of computing. She says the new font uses about 30 percent less ink than the previous one.  That could add up to real savings, since the cost of printer ink works out to about $10,000 per gallon.  Blohowiak says the decision is part of the school’s five-year plan to go green. She tells Wisconsin Public Radio it’s great that a change that’s eco-friendly also saves money.  ***MARLAR: Unfortunately, going green requires color cartridges which are more expensive.

A Florida man has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for violating his probation by trying to break INTO the Brevard County jail.  ***MARLAR: When asked why he tried to break back INTO jail, the man said, “their health care plan is better than what I can get on the outside now.”

Michael Smith of Weston, Connecticut, was arrested after he allegedly drove past the Holy Ghost Deliverance Church in Bridgeport, saw a drum set through the window, and couldn’t resist breaking in and playing them. Police say they answered the alarm to find an oblivious Smith in the middle of a spirited drum solo. He was charged with criminal trespass and a breach of the peace.  ***MARLAR: SNARED by the police as a CYMBAL of stupidity!  (audio clip)

A researcher at Ersta Skoendal University College in Stockholm had 20 women around 80 years old gather once a week for four months to look at various works of art and discuss them. She said their attitudes and creativity improved, their blood pressure went down, and oddly, they needed fewer laxatives and suffered less constipation.  ***MARLAR: Yeah, modern art gives me loose bowels too.

A desperate Chinese university student wants a girlfriend and he’s willing to pay. But the student (Zhu Lijie), isn’t interested in a permanent relationship, he just needs a girl for the Chinese New Year holiday. It seems the student wants a young woman to pose as his girlfriend, so he can introduce her to his folks. China’s official news agency (Xinhua) reports the hard-up student has posted an ad at Peking University. The student is offering about 130 bucks to a girl who’ll go home with him to meet the parents. The Lunar New Year holiday, which starts February 18th this year, is the most important family holiday in China. The physics student says he’s just too busy studying to have time for dating.  ***MARLAR: The jig would be up the moment he walks in with the girl though.  C’mon… a physics student with a date?

Interesting idea at a library in Kentucky.  If kids have a late fee they can pay it off by reading books.  ***MARLAR: Isn’t that how the late fees occurred to begin with?

A Men’s Health poll found 50% of men think it’s possible to love more than one woman at a time.  ***MARLAR: In a related study, it was found that 50% of men were discovered to be delusional.

A poll by the University of South Australia reveals that one in three Australian executives admitted to falling asleep during meetings.  ***MARLAR: Not only that, the drool swirls out of their mouths counter-clockwise.

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