Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – April 02, 2010

Complaints have prompted New York City’s public housing authority to change a playground jungle gym made to resemble a jail.  Workers removed the word “jail” and fake bars on Wednesday from the Tompkins Houses jungle gym in Brooklyn.  Natasha Godley, who has a 6-year-old son, says she complained because “it was like promoting kids to go to jail.”  ***MARLAR: In a related story, all baby cribs will now come without sides.

A coyote evaded New York City police for two days before being nabbed in a parking garage. The animal first eluded police capture Wednesday near the Holland Tunnel. It was spotted Thursday afternoon on the West Side Highway, and police chased it to an open-air garage in Tribeca. Officers cornered the coyote, sedated it with a dart and then carted it off to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. ***MARLAR: Police say it was harder to catch this coyote due to the Acme rocket strapped to its back.

It won’t be hard for Kylie Hodgson to tell her new twins apart. Over in England, Kylie gave birth to two beautiful and healthy daughters — one black and one white. Her daughter Remee is fair-skinned and blonde, while her sister Kian has dark hair and skin. So how did this happen? Because both the mother and the father are bi-racial, and that’s just the way the gene pool goes.  ***MARLAR: It’s a good thing ebony and ivory work together in perfect harmony.

If you’ve ever needed to know how to do something, you can learn for free on the web. Sites such as Videojug.com, eHow.com and wikiHow.com can show you how to perform such tasks as tying a tie, changing a flat tire or preparing a special meal. However, they also offer video instructions on such tasks as how to take a shower, fold a T-shirt in two seconds, and even how to play “Hide and Go Seek.”  WikiHow.com founder Jack Herrick says, “Thirty years ago, you’d go ask your neighbor.”  ***MARLAR: That’s how I learned how to shower.

A Los Angeles company called Allerca is using biotechnology to create cats genetically engineered to be nearly free from the allergy-causing proteins that force millions of cat lovers to get allergy shots. The company says it won’t be stopped by federal regulations because the genetically-altered cats aren’t meant for human consumption.  ***MARLAR: No matter who you are, if you’re allergic to cats, you aren’t going to consider them “for consumption” anyway, are you?

In a recent poll, Jack the Ripper was named Great Britain’s greatest villain.  ***MARLAR: But Simon Cowell is demanding a recount.

Chicago is known as “the windy city,” but its reputation is exaggerated. Among the 68 windiest cities in the U.S., it ranks only 21st. Cheyenne, Wyoming and Great Falls, Montana top the list. ***MARLAR: When it comes to hot wind, top of the list is Washington, D.C.

Scientists at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia have cloned fruit flies, in the first successful cloning of insects.  ***MARLAR: Thank goodness, because what the world truly needs is more fruit flies.

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