Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News: April 05, 2011

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The city of Hazelwood, MO. says they do support the Girl Scouts but not when they are violating the home occupancy code.  They’d been warned, but the city says the Girl Scouts Abigail and Caitlin Mills continued to sell Girl Scout cookies from a stand in front of their home. A neighbor complained anonymously because of all the people and the traffic and the dogs barking at all the people and the traffic and the city code says it is illegal to sell products from home.  ***MARLAR: Ironically, the anonymous neighbor drives a pink Mary Kay Cadillac.

What do you think the world’s oldest living animal is?  The honor goes to a clam found off the coast of Iceland thought to be more than 400 years old. The clam was nicknamed Ming after the Chinese dynasty in power when it was born. Researchers from Bangor University in north Wales said they calculated its age to be between 400 and 410 by counting the rings on its shell. So Ming was alive when Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne and Shakespeare was writing his plays. Professor Chris Richardson, from Bangor University’s School of Ocean Sciences, said the clam’s discovery could help shed light on how some animals can live to extraordinary ages.  ***MARLAR: And yet here I can’t keep seafood fresh in the fridge for more than four days.  (audio clip)

To make potato chips, it takes beet juice, purple cabbage and carrots. At least that’s what Frito-Lay has concluded as part of its big push to use natural ingredients in its chips. The veggies replace ingredients such as FD&C Red 40, an artificial coloring agent.  Frito-Lay, the biggest U.S. seller of salty snacks, is embarking on an audacious plan. By the end of the year, it intends to make half its snacks sold in the U.S. with only natural ingredients. Many are already in grocery stores.  ***MARLAR: Are you really concerned about being natural if you’re horking down a bag of ruffle chips?

New parents who don’t have enough to obsess over can now give an I.Q. test to babies as young as six months. Fisher-Price paid child expert Dr. Dorothy Einon to create the 10-question test. It determines a baby’s intellectual development by its reactions to such things as being fed, dropping a teddy bear, playing “This Little Piggy,” enjoying nursery rhymes, playing with toy phones, performing “pat-a-cake,” hearing its name and waving goodbye.  ***MARLAR: I enjoy all of those things – I must be a genius!


Scientists are increasingly warning that sitting for prolonged periods – even if you also exercise regularly – could be bad for your health. And it doesn’t matter where the sitting takes place – at the office, at school, in the car or before a computer or TV – just the overall number of hours it occurs.  ***MARLAR: I should be dead by now.

Police say a lumber truck crashed into a Massachusetts home after the driver was knocked unconscious when he choked on chili from Wendy’s.  Lowell police say Eric Gremm reported that he choked on the chili when the truck hit a bump, causing him to pass out. The flatbed truck veered off the road and slammed into the foundation of the home.  The 59-year-old Tyngsboro resident was taken by ambulance to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries.  Police say he could be cited for eating while driving.  ***MARLAR: Well what OTHER explanation would there be for choking on chili and crashing your truck?

A survey in Travel and Leisure Magazine found that Philadelphia is the city with the least attractive people.  ***MARLAR: Milwaukee does plan to appeal.

Police say a man in Ohio got so upset over a mistake on the price of crab cakes that he punched a grocery store manager several times and spit in his face.  Authorities in Sandusky arrested 61-year-old Ralph Barr on charges of assault and criminal damaging.  Police say the store made a mistake in the price of crab cakes and offered to sell the first pound at a discounted price but the rest at the correct price.  The store manager says he was punched five or six times and head-butted.  Barr told police that the manager hit him with a price gun, but witnesses said the manager didn’t fight back.  ***MARLAR: Gee, what a crabby customer.

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