Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – April 20, 2010

We may be in economic hard times but business is booming for movie theaters! Movie admissions are up about 10 percent year-to-date, according to the National Association of Theater Owners. Box office receipts are up more than 14 percent. Five movies this year have grossed more than $100 million! This is great news for movie exhibitors.  ***MARLAR: How sad of a commentary is it that we’re spending our $13 extra bucks from the stimulus plan on “Hot Tub Time Machine”?

Authorities said a Surprise, Arizona man has been arrested on suspicion of endangerment when the gun he was carrying discharged inside a Walmart. ***MARLAR: Which should not have come as a surprise to anyone.  (Who in their right mind carries a gun into a Walmart?)

Convicted by dandruff. That’s what Andrew Pearson can tell his cell mates after he was sentenced to 12 years for armed robbery. The key evidence: 25 flakes of dandruff found in a stocking Pearson wore for a mask during a robbery eleven years ago. Pearson was arrested in June after D-N-A testing matched his dandruff with a swap of his saliva. Based on that evidence, it took jurors just 75 minutes to convicted him. ***MARLAR: The good news is that when he gets out of prison he’s already been asked to do a “before and after” commercial for Head & Shoulders.  “Hi, my name is Andy.  I used to be an unsuccessful robber – but now that I use Head & Shoulders, I’m much more effective in my job, and I won’t be convicted again because of an itchy scalp.”

Philip Streifer, superintendent of schools in Barrington, Rhode Island, had this to say about the newest employee of the school district: “After finding no qualified candidates for the position of principal, the school board is extremely pleased to announce the appointment of David Steele to the post.” ***MARLAR: Gee, what do you think Mr. Steele thought of that comment?

Your cell phone may be harming your hearing, says author and researcher Naresh Panda, M.D.  She led a study of 100 cell phone users and the results show that four years of heavy cell phone use (about an hour a day) diminished the users’ ability to hear high frequencies, making it hard for them to distinguish between certain sounds.  ***MARLAR: At least, that’s what we think she said.  It was kinda hard to hear her over the phone.

Six-year-old Natsumi Shirahige released a balloon into the sky in Japan with a note asking the finder of the balloon to write back to her and her school.  That was fifteen years ago – and the note was found on a fish that was caught 3,300 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean!  A fisherman found the note sitting on the sticky flatfish in his catch along with a piece of the string and red balloon.  It’s still a mystery how the note survived for so many years, or how it ended up stuck to a fish.  ***MARLAR: Why would it be such a surprise to find a fish with a note?  After all, they do have schools!

Animal researchers say that elephants may have self-awareness like humans after an elephant proved that she recognized herself in a mirror.  ***MARLAR: And immediately thought, “Dang, I need to join Jenny Craig!”

A vet in Battersea, England, gave a shar-pei dog an eye-and brow lift when its skin got so wrinkly, it covered his eyes and blinded him.  ***MARLAR: That’s why some people use Botox!

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