Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – April 25, 2010

A New Jersey man was jailed after he intentionally vomited on an off-duty police captain and his 11-year-old daughter in the stands during a Phillies game.  ***MARLAR: I can understand this happening.  I can feel it in the back of my throat whenever I watch the Cubs play.

A set of quadruplets from New York have decided to attend the same college. Grace, Erin, Bobby and Danny Mele will attend Hartwick College in Oneonta, N.Y., in the fall.  ***MARLAR: They give the college eight thumbs up.

Germany’s postal service has set a new record for incompetence after delivering a letter to the correct address 286 years late. The 1718 letter was from a Lutheran church official in the town of Eisenach to officials in the nearby town of Ostheim, authorizing them to pick a new clergyman after the death of the former one.  ***MARLAR: And boy is congregation relieved!

The British Council polled 7,000 English-learners in 46 countries to ask the most beautiful English word. 35,000 more people voted online to narrow it down to the top 70 most beautiful words. They include “peace, if, cute, lullaby, giggle, bliss, kangaroo, twinkle, bumblebee, grace, flabbergasted, tickle, sweetheart, blossom, liberty, destiny, freedom, tranquility and hippopotamus.” Counting down the top five: “eternity, love, smile, passion,” and at #1, “mother.”  ***MARLAR: So the most beautiful sentence ever constructed would be, “A flabbergasted bumblebee graced a mother hippopotamus, and it disturbed the kangaroo’s passionate smile of tranquility.”

Lisa Drayer, author of The Beauty Diet, tells us to forget about creams and serums for glowing skin, shinier hair and brighter eyes. Instead, she says to eat some salmon, sweet potatoes and spinach and get ready for the beauty to shine from the inside out. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce stress, fights depression, and boost mood. She says this will go a long way to help us look and feel better.  ***MARLAR: Sounds kind of fishy to me.

A man was arrested in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, after he opened the door of a plane that was about to take off, leapt to the tarmac and ran back to the terminal.  ***MARLAR: Some people will do anything to get away from a screaming baby.

University researchers in Rome believe that the moon’s gravity is slowly pulling all the continents westward.  ***MARLAR: No wonder San Francisco keeping moving to the left… it’s because they’re moving to the left!

For almost a century in many parts of the United States people have referred to carbonated beverages as “pop” because of the sound you hear when you open the can or bottle. Back in the 1930s many grocery stores had a comic sign in their window that had some fun with the word: “We don’t know where mom is, but we have Pop on ice.” (True!)

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