Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – August 01, 2010

DailyDoseNewsA restaurant in China paid $75,000 for a giant golden tiger fish because it’s believed to be good luck. ***MARLAR: The fish died during transport.

An Oregon man on vacation is accused of putting his 2 teenagers in the trunk because the car was too small to handle all 4 of his children.  ***MARLAR: As is his I.Q.

A woman in Gastonia, North Carolina, is suing McDonald’s, claiming there was blood in her French fries.  ***MARLAR: McDonald’s lawyers are arguing that French Fries don’t bleed.

Police arrested a man who they said punched another man who refused to hug him. Iowa City police responded to a report of someone being aggressive and punching cars Sunday night. The suspect, a 23-year-old man, told police he became upset after he tried to hug a man and was pushed away.  Police said the man punched and dented the hood of a car before punching the man he tried to hug.  Police said the man had a blood-alcohol content of .086. He was charged with simple assault and fourth-degree criminal mischief, a serious misdemeanor.  ***MARLAR: He’s getting a lot of requests for hugs from the inmates in the jail – but for some reason now he no longer wants one.  Go figure.

A man wearing a surgical mask and medical-style latex gloves robbed a Central Falls bank. Police said the man entered the Bank of America Branch Saturday morning, jumped the counter and grabbed some cash. Police said the man didn’t show a weapon and apparently fled on foot.  Police haven’t said how much money was stolen. The man was described as white, wearing a green polo shirt, tan shorts and black shoes.  ***MARLAR: He told the bank teller he was wearing the surgical mask and latex gloves because he couldn’t afford to get sick with ObamaCare on the way.

It’s an innocent enough looking tractor-trailer, except for the fact that it’s blocking a street in downtown Providence. But what’s inside may give the heebie-jeebies to some.  A spokesman for medical instrument maker Smith & Nephew told The Providence Journal the truck contains human body parts as well as body parts models the company’s using to demonstrate it’s endoscopic surgery instruments at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine meeting at the Rhode Island Convention Center.  The body parts, mostly isolated joints, are used so surgeons can get a feel for the company’s instruments, or sharpen their skills.  ***MARLAR: You know those medical products you buy at the drug store that say, “this product has been individually tested”?  Well, now you know what they test on.

Let them eat cake. The wedding cake eating contest may have been a bit unconventional, but what else would guests expect when the groom is one of the world’s top competitive eaters.  Hall Hunt, who can down 63 Krystal burgers in eight minutes, and Emily Wright served burgers at their wedding reception in north Florida last month in a nod to Hunt’s past time.  The civil engineer has eaten his way to $60,000 in the past five years. The No. 1-ranked competitive eater in the world, Joey Chestnut was also a guest at the wedding. The hot dog eating champs’ presence was too good to pass up. The bride, groom and chestnut were challenged to a cake eating contest – using forks – at the reception. The bride won.  ***MARLAR: They changed the wedding vows from “for richer or poorer” to “for fatter or fatter”. (Can you imagine the parenting skills these two are going to have?  What’s going to happen if they force their kid to eat everything on his plate?)

Authorities at a Pittsburgh have not just one, but two mysteries to solve. They are trying to figure out how a 4-year-old boy managed to slip out of school in the middle of the day and walk all the way home, about a mile away. The boy’s mom, Markeya McCary, says she was shocked when her son showed up at home when he was supposed to be at the Greenway Early Childhood Center.  School officials had noticed the boy was missing and had launched a search for him when they learned he made it home. The mom says her son told her he left school because someone tried to lock him in a closet. School officials are looking into that claim, even as they try to figure out how the boy was able to bolt from school and make his way home.  ***MARLAR: I’m just impressed this kid actually knew how the way home all by himself.  I can’t get six blocks in my car without hearing a computer’s voice saying “Recalculating…”

How do you slap a label on a fish?  That’s what some restaurant owners in Alabama may be wondering after a new law was signed that will require them to disclose the country of origin of their catfish and seafood. The governor says people want to know where their food comes from.  The Alabama Restaurant Association says the law could be a real headache for some large chain restaurants because they use a mix of domestic and imported fish. Beginning in August, they’ll have to reveal where they get their catfish, and in January the rest of their seafood.  Will the customers care? Probably only if it doesn’t taste good.  ***MARLAR: That’s a good question, how DO you stick a label on a fish?  It’s not like you can write “Made in China” on a post-it note and stick it to the dorsal fin.  Do you use a stapler?

If you don’t think coffee is doing damage to your liver, think again. Jennifer Zartarian, N.D., the Wellness and Research Coordinator at Long Island College Hospital of Brooklyn explains, “Caffeine is broken down by the liver through the use of enzymes. The more these enzymes are involved in breaking down caffeine, the less available they are for breaking down other chemicals in the bloodstream. Excessive caffeine use, therefore, causes the liver to work less efficiently at its job of detoxifying the body.” While one to two cups each day seems normal, anything above that amount may seem excessive. Experts recommend replacing those additional cups of coffee with water instead.  ***MARLAR: Which is fine with me so long as the water is caffeinated and tastes like Starbucks.

Some people just don’t like snakes. And in Memphis, Tennessee, a couple of guys who brought their snake to a hair salon learned the hard way that at least one guy doesn’t care all that much for people who own them, either. Police say when Dion Gayden and Tavoris Jackson went to a house to get haircuts, a man at the place didn’t like the looks of their pet. They got into an argument – and shots were fired. The snake-toting guys were hit, one in the arm and the other in the hand. Neither was seriously hurt. The snake apparently made out better than its handlers – it slithered away without harm. The men took the snake home. A suspect is in custody.  ***MARLAR: A lawsuit has also been filed by Medusa.

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