Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – August 05, 2009

At first, fire officials suspected that carbon monoxide or some other toxic fumes had sickened almost 150 people at a Texas bank call center.  It turned out that perfume was to blame.  MedStar ambulance spokeswoman Lara Kohl says 34 people were taken to hospitals, 12 by ambulance, after reporting dizziness and shortness of breath Wednesday at a Bank of America call center in Fort Worth. An additional 110 were treated at the scene.  Fort Worth fire Lt. Kent Worley says the incident started with two people complaining about dizziness after a co-worker sprayed perfume. Others reported being sick when an announcement was made that anyone with similar symptoms should exit the building.  Investigators do not know what type of perfume was sprayed. ***MARLAR: It’s rumored she was wearing “Essence of Supervisor.”  (You’d think before marketing a new fragrance they’d do some type of research to make sure the smell of it didn’t make people puke.)

Food fight! Now, you’re fired! A West Virginia high school principal has been canned, following a cafeteria food fight. The Upshur County Board of Education voted this week to send Brenda Wells packing. The Buckhannon-Upshur High principal admits she jumped on top of a pile of students. She says she did it to relieve the tension and to stop the food fight.  ***MARLAR: Good thing.  Throwing school cafeteria food is considered assault with a deadly weapon. 

High school geeks have something to do this summer – and there’s no hacking involved. A school district in the Sacramento, Calif., area is putting the tech-savvy teens to work. The students are earning eight bucks an hour trouble-shooting computers for the Twin Rivers Unified School District. Officials say the students do the work faster and cheaper than commercial vendors. The teens also get valuable work experience. It grows out of a pilot program at Foothill High where a student-run help desk is called the MOUSE Squad.  ***MARLAR: It’s also a great opportunity for kids to change their grades without the teachers knowing. 

A Colorado TV station is a mess, thanks to a bear of a vandal. Staffers say a hungry bear managed to get into the office of GrassRoots TV in Aspen. The back door was left open a few inches Monday night. By Tuesday morning, the fridge had been cleaned out, trash cans were overturned and a filing cabinet had been thrown across the room. But the bear left something behind and you can imagine what. ***MARLAR: A picnic basket?

First thing in the morning after breakfast, what do you do… you look for the weather, right? Now you won’t have to! A college kid has designed a toaster that will burn your forecast directly into your toast!  The toaster connects to the Internet, downloads information, and then changes the burn pattern on your toast depending on what the forecast is… rain, sun, clouds, snow, etc.  ***MARLAR: I understand the internet toast tastes a lot like SPAM.

A postcard sent from a Stetson, Florida, home to a man in Riverside, California, was returned with a “return to sender” stamp — and its 1956 postmark. Mack McCormick didn’t send the postcard, but he lives in the home where the postcard originated. It was delivered back to his mailbox. He used the Internet to track down the author of the note, 64-year-old George Hitz, 64, who now lives in Massachusetts. Hitz is a former ham radio operator and the postcard had been sent to a man he’d made contact with in February, 1956.  ***MARLAR: No wonder the price of stamps keeps going up – it takes the U.S. Postal Service fifty years to mail a postcard!

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