Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – August 10, 2009

American football in Tel-Aviv, IsraelCreative Commons License photo credit: RonAlmog

If you’re a woman and you just don’t get football, Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema can help.  Bielema hosted an event called Football 101 for Women on Thursday at Camp Randall Stadium. The event was a breast-cancer fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  For $65, women talked about Xs and Os with Bielema and got on-the-field coaching from Wisconsin assistant coaches.  They also got hors d’oeuvres as well as soda, wine and beer, a T-shirt, a rundown of football equipment and a tour of the stadium.  ***MARLAR: If you believe getting the quarterback has something to do with retrieving money, this event is for you.  (And since when do hors d’oeuvres and wine go with football?)

The new GM is up and running with its re-branding campaign. Without many new cars to put on the showroom floor, it apparently has decided to start small — small, as in the Cadillac Fragrance for men.  bThe company GM licensed to make this new line of scents, Beauty Contact Inc., describes it as “at once bold and sporty, yet luxurious and refined. It pays tribute to the opulence and extravagance of past eras, as well as the luxury and ease of today.”  ***MARLAR: And it wastes money from government bailouts by producing cologne rather than affordable cars. 

You might call Tom Frampton a fan fanatic. Last week, he opened the Museum of the Antique Fan Collectors Association. The collection is housed in the corporate headquarters of Fanimation, an Indiana company that makes upscale ceiling fans. Frampton is the company president and he owns about a-third of the antique fans on display. For other fan fans, the museum offers a chance to see everything from electric fans, to water-powered fans that date from the early 1880s.  ***MARLAR: And then there are Bill Gaither fans who also happen to be antiques. 

Sarah Palin stepped down Sunday as Alaska governor to write a book and build a right-of-center coalition, but she left her long-term political plans unclear and refused to address speculation she would seek a 2012 presidential bid. In a fiery campaign-style speech, Palin said she was stepping down to take her political battles to a larger if unspecified stage and avoid an unproductive, lame duck status. “With this decision, now, I will be able to fight even harder for you, for what is right, and for truth. And I have never felt that you need a title to do that,” Palin said to raucous applause from about 5,000 people gathered at Pioneer Park in Fairbanks.  ***MARLAR: It probably doesn’t hurt that she gets to sleep in until noon now too.

Beware, Smelly Bandit. Watch out, Red Line Robber. The FBI’s Bandit Tracker is looking for you.  The agency’s Web-based effort to capture bank robbers debuted in Texas in 2007 and has expanded to Illinois and Indiana since May.  That means the number of states participating in the program is now four. FBI officials say they hope eventually to take the online crime-solving tool nationwide.  The Web sites showcase surveillance photos of elusive or dangerous suspects who are often given memorable nicknames to generate media attention, such as those bestowed on Fort Worth’s body odor-plagued bandit and the Chicago robber who is believed to ride trains to and from his targets.  ***MARLAR: Although the Smelly Bandit photo is a scratch-n-sniff.

The employees at Tops Friendly Markets in Erie, Pennsylvania have been catching hundreds of little white rabbits everywhere – using everything from bags to boxes. ***MARLAR: This is what happens when you don’t find the Easter Bunny’s hidden eggs. 

A Minneapolis man lost a $1,000 prize for sending the fastest text message because he left out an exclamation point.  ***MARLAR: Apparently, in the world of text-messaging, spelling and grammar don’t mean jack – but if you don’t insert five exclamation points at the end of a sentence…

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