Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – August 19, 2009

A Detroit-area lawyer is suing Procter & Gamble, saying his teeth have brown stains after he used Crest Pro-Health mouthwash. Mark Rossman’s law partners filed the lawsuit in federal court in Detroit. He says P&G should put a warning on the bottle. P&G spokeswoman Laura Brinker declined to comment on the lawsuit but says “99.9 percent” of users have not complained.  ***MARLAR: So does that mean that .1% of customers complained that their teeth turned brown.  That’s not enough?

This one sounds too crazy to be true. Word has it that a burglar in Japan broke into a woman’s home and stole all her money. But for some reason he felt sorry for the traumatized burglary victim, so he actually gave her a receipt for the things he stole! And the receipt included his name and address.  ***MARLAR: Of course. In the event she wants to get her stuff back there’s no way she can do it without a receipt. It only makes sense, right?

When you check out of a hotel, do you ever take anything with you? 21-year-old Ken German did and is facing 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. But, he stole everything! The towels, the TV, the refrigerator, microwave, mirror, three lamps, two wall pictures and linens towels. He was easy to find — the motel’s owner called police and gave them German’s name, address, phone number that he had provided the hotel and when authorities searched German’s apartment, they found everything. He told police he was just not thinking clearly at the time.  ***MARLAR: I’m thinking I should return those little shampoo bottles now.

Buildings of all kinds — homes, offices, cafes, schools — are being constructed out of recycled shipping containers. According to David Cross, co-founder of SG blocks, a company specializing in container construction, the energy used to construct a container home is about 95 percent less than the energy used to melt (discard) the container. Yet they’re not just for the environmentally conscious! Container homes are typically cheaper and faster to build than traditionally constructed homes. And because they’re made from steel, they’re also extremely durable.  ***MARLAR: Spending a hot summer day in a big metal box; yeah, that’s my idea of home.

Despite all the hype, seven out of 10 people still don’t know what Twitter is. And even those who do probably find themselves regularly baffled by Twitter messages (“tweets”), whose 140-character limit result in a seemingly garbled thicket of symbols, code, and characters. Despite the confusion, many are still willing to learn.  ***MARLAR: Because don’t we all desire to be Twits?
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There really is a disease called the laughing disease, where people literally laugh themselves to death.  ***MARLAR: There is a cure though – force them to listen to my show.

According to the Population Council, people tend to marry people who live near them.  ***MARLAR: Well, yeah.  Otherwise they’d be a pen-pal.

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