Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – August 19, 2010

WeirdNewsStaying in bed on the weekend might not be enough to make up for a weeks’ worth of sleep deprivation, a new study suggests.  In the study, after five days with only four hours of sleep, a 10-hour doze did remedy some of the ill effects of chronic sleep restriction. However, even after an extended snooze, participants still experienced lapses of attention and delayed reaction times.  The findings agree with those of a previous smaller study showing that people can accumulate a sort of sleep debt by going long periods with little sleep even if they also sleep in every once in a while. The current study suggests complete recovery from sustained sleep restriction may require even more sleep during one night or multiple nights of extended sleep, the researchers say.  ***MARLAR: They don’t have a study yet for guys like me who sleep twelve hours a day because we’re lazy.

The final straw came when Guy Vance’s chest, neck and face ballooned, little air bubbles in his skin crackling to the touch – all because of a leak somewhere in his lung.  Air was seeping into his chest cavity and under his skin, seeking another escape route. Two earlier surgeries had failed to seal the leak. A drainage tube implanted in the 63-year-old’s chest offered only a temporary, painful solution.  So Dr. Keith Mortman snaked a tiny, umbrella-shaped valve into Vance’s lung in hopes of finally plugging the leak – by redirecting how air can flow in that part of the lung.  ***MARLAR: It was either that or try a “junk shot”.

Are Americans becoming more honest about their weight? That theory could explain why the gap appears to be closing in what people say they weigh and what actual measurements report.  ***MARLAR: Of course, it’s always easier to admit who you are when you know you’re in the majority.

Women who gain too much weight during pregnancy have big babies, putting their children at risk of becoming heavy later on, a new study says.  ***MARLAR: The key is knowing that “eating for two” needs to stop once your water breaks.

Police said a 17-year-old girl who was practicing how to drive broke her mother’s legs after stepping on the gas pedal instead of the brake. Sgt. Thomas Long told the Republican newspaper that the mother was sitting on a fence when she was struck at a movie theater parking lot. ***MARLAR: On the plus side, the teenager will get a lot more practice driving now that she has to drive her mother around.

Cass Clark is just 17, but he’s already working undercover. He buys smokes in sting operations for the Oregon State Police. The high school junior says it’s surprising how many people look at his ID and still sell him cigarettes. He works with a plainclothes officer, who has issued a dozen citations this year for selling cigarettes to minors. Cass makes $8.40 an hour as a cigarette buyer. He hopes to go into law enforcement someday.  ***MARLAR: The hard part is looking convincing buying a pack of cigarettes when you make only $8.40 an hour.

The marriage is young — but not the newlyweds. Over the weekend, 93-year-old Ebenezer Rose and 89-year-old Monica Hayden tied the knot in West Palm Beach, Florida. They decided to get hitched after a brief courtship. But they had met in church about 20 years ago. Rose tells the Palm Beach Post that she had her eyes on him all those years. Rose says he told his bride-to-be they were both lonely, so “why not get married.”  ***MARLAR: They both say they are in it “until death do us part” (which could be sometime next Tuesday).

Donald Bernovich would rather be bowling. You can tell by just looking at his front lawn in Marquette Heights, Ill. He has hundreds of bowling balls on his lawn. He calls it his “bowling-ball garden.” The retired railroad man also decorates his yard with bowling pins. He says they pop up like flowers. He’s been bowling since his teenage years and still maintains an average of 180. Bernovich says his tenpin garden is made from the discards of local bowling alleys.  ***MARLAR: The only part of his home he avoids decorating is the gutters.

According to the Population Council, people tend to marry people who live near them.  ***MARLAR: Well, yeah.  Otherwise they’d be a pen-pal.

A school library in Falkenberg, Sweden, is refusing to lend books to students whose underwear is showing.  ***MARLAR: Let me get this straight: teenagers who walk around with their underwear showing… they read BOOKS?!

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