Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – August 20, 2010

Enjoy the heat this summer. Cold weather brings more than a chill to your bones, a new study suggests. It could also raise your risk of having a heart attack. The results show that each 1.8 degree Fahrenheit reduction in temperature on a single day is associated with around 200 additional heart attacks.   The results are published online today in the British Medical Journal. ***MARLAR: The population of Alaska is expected to die off completely by the end of 2013.

The Postal Service is doing its annual dance with Congress. It’s asking for a reduction of $4 billion dollars in the amount it must contribute to its Retiree Health Benefits Fund, reports FederalTimes. The payment is due next month. Federal law requires the Postal Service to contribute $5.5 billion dollars to the fund annually. Last year the Postal Service was able to defer most of that and contribute $1.4 billion dollars. It is asking lawmakers for a similar reduction this year. ***MARLAR: How can they not have the money when they keep raising the cost of a stamp every few months?

People who sleep more or fewer than seven hours a day, including naps, are increasing their risk for cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in the United States, a new study shows.   Sleeping fewer than five hours a day, including naps, more than doubles the risk of being diagnosed with angina, coronary heart disease, heart attack, or stroke, the study, conducted by researchers at West Virginia University’s (WVU) School of Medicine and published in the journal “Sleep,” says.   And sleeping more than seven hours also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, it says.  ***MARLAR: I was doing fine until I read this story and got so bored that I fell asleep and screwed up my schedule.

A La Crosse,WI. woman is accused of trying to hold up a Taco John’s with a hammer.  Police say the 38-year-old woman told the cashier “I want a soft shell and this is a stickup. Give me all your money.”  The woman then could not manage to get the hammer out of her pocket. The cashier pressed the restaurant’s panic button and called 911 as the woman fled.  The cashier described the woman as pregnant and intoxicated.  ***MARLAR: Or, in this case, pregnant and hammered.

A judge in Washington state has ruled that leaning on a horn isn’t a form of free speech. Helen Immelt of Monore was convicted of a noise violation for blaring her car horn for 10 minutes straight. She had parked in front of neighbor’s house during the early morning hours on two different days and honked. She was mad at the man for complaining about her chickens.  A judge has rejected Immelt’s appeal, saying annoying horn honking isn’t protected by the Constitution.  ***MARLAR: She’s now honking at the judge’s house.

Rodney Soloman a commercial fisherman reeled in a live missile in the Gulf of Mexico and kept it on his boat for 10 days. Soloman hooked the air-to-air guided missile 50 miles off the Panhandle town of Panama City. The Air Force and Navy use Gulf waters off the Panhandle for weapons training. A bomb squad was called in from MacDill Air Force Base and dismantled the missile in an empty parking lot.  The bomb squad said the missile was very corroded from floating in saltwater for a long time. They said it was live and in a very unstable state.  ***MARLAR: And he kept it in his boat for ten days?  Did he think it was a bottle-nose dolphin?

A dog playing fetch in Germany has found and delivered to its owner a U.S. hand grenade from World War II.  Police in the western town of Erkrath said they were called by the dog’s 40-year-old owner who stopped walking her pooch when she recognized the “rusty” object it was carrying was a weapon.  Police summoned a munitions expert to identify and defuse the grenade.  Grenades and bombs left over from World War II are still often found in Germany.  Sometimes whole streets in neighborhoods are evacuated so that such devices can be safely defused. ***MARLAR: The lesson to be learned… don’t play fetch in Germany.

A Philadelphia school teacher is under investigation for allegedly throwing a stapler that struck a student in the head. The mother of a 15-year-old boy said she took him to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where he received four stitches in his forehead Friday afternoon.  School district spokesman Fernando Gallard confirms that the male teacher threw the stapler when his class became unruly.  ***MARLAR: The teacher said he was trying to make a point.

The Census Bureau reports that the average American commutes for more than an hour to get to work, and that it seems to be getting longer.  ***MARLAR: And they can’t quit their jobs, because they need the money to buy gas.

A couple in Belgium is passing out leaflets door-to-door hoping to find an egg donor so they can have a baby.  ***MARLAR: The poor couple passed out over 4,000 leaflets before finding a typo. Now they’ll be eating frozen waffles for the next 15 years.

Do you like the idea of skydiving, but not the idea of jumping out of an airplane?  Entrepreneur Kent Sessions is building a skydiving simulator.  It’ll be just the thing for those who want the thrill but are afraid of heights.  He says two minutes in the simulator will cost 50 bucks.  Four 250-horsepower electric fans will be capable of suspending people in mid air.  The wind will blow past the pseudo parachutists at 150 miles-per-hour.  Kent says his SkyVentures in Union City, California, should be open by June.  ***MARLAR: Perfect if you want the sensation of falling, without that disgusting mountain and summer prairie scenery.

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