Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – August 22, 2009

Just as women always suspected, men really do have “selective hearing.” A communications professor at the University of California-Davis found that when a woman says something to a man, he interprets it to mean what it would mean if he said it. For instance, when the woman says, “It’s getting late,” men hear, “It’s time to speed things up.” To prevent confusion, the professor advises women to be more direct and blunt in their phrasing, and men to ask more questions.  ***MARLAR: I hear that as meaning, “Men should stop and ask directions, like a little girl.”

Audi has a concept car that has a built-in espresso machine between the two front seats.  ***MARLAR: Why sue McDonald’s for your coffee burns?  You can cut out the middleman and sue yourself, you clumsy dolt. 

Greg Jaqua is an Elvis impersonator.  He’s also an ordained minister who performs weddings in Detroit as Elvis Presley.  Jaqua says he started doing weddings last year when he heard about a couple who wanted an Elvis-themed wedding is Vegas but couldn’t afford the trip.  He’s done three Elvis weddings so far. ***MARLAR: And, as a minister, he’s preaching next week, telling the life of Christ using Elvis’ songs, including, “My Way,” “Love Me Tender,” and “Don’t Be Cruel.”

British scientists have found a new fat gene, but they have no idea what it does.  This gene is called “FTO” and researchers say people who have two copies of a variation of the gene are, on average, seven pounds heavier than people who don’t have it.  Still, while other genes are thought to be involved with appetite or calorie burning, researchers don’t know how this new gene works.  ***MARLAR: That’s easy – if people with this gene are seven pounds heavier, the gene must weigh seven pounds!

The National Zoo’s popular panda cub Tai Shan (ty shawn) will be sticking around for a while.  The Chinese government is allowing the panda to stay an additional two years at the Smithsonian Institution park with his parents.  The ambassador even presented the zoo with a giant green laminated passport to extend Tai Shan’s stay.  ***MARLAR: Yep – even foreign Pandas need a green card. 

“E” is the most frequently used letter in the alphabet. “Q” is the least. ***MARLAR: I find that quite quizzical and quirky; you can quote me.

People who take the herb Ginkgo Biloba are 24 percent less likely to die over a 13-year period reports a new study.  ***MARLAR: What the heck does that mean?  Hey, sign me up for some Gingko Biloba, because I hate the idea of dying over a span of thirteen years.

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